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for Where there's a Will

8/27 c2 2SpiritHawk7
I really like this chapter, it's quite fresh with originality. I'm also very glad you read the (finally updated) wiki about Ashley. ;)

Those specific details had been floating around as bits and pieces from interviews with Amanda Tapping for the past 6-9 years (even as recently as being said in her Instagram live video with Suanne Braun from April 14th, 2020) about the show but no one (except me, apparently) wanted to put it all together and write in until recently - which lead to me kind of getting annoyed at reading new fanfic over the past couple years still not including the character at the new Sanctuary. So, your story makes me very happy.

As for pacing, I think you've done well so far. I'm looking forward to read what happens next. :)
8/5 c1 EvyR55
Oh my I do hope that there will be more story soon. I'm a big fan of this show and look forward to where you might take the story.
7/17 c1 SpiritHawk7
Sounds good so far. I like the idea of revisiting something that was dropped from the show. :)

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