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10/18 c8 18rocklesson86
Well well Jake the new CEO of Dimera. I see you Gabi. I cannot wait for more.
10/18 c8 5paranoidbychoice
ugh the show could really be giving me a great corporate storyline, but no its ANOTHER rape one
9/27 c7 18rocklesson86
I am glad Chad got the boot. I wish Gabi would rip everyone a new on the show. I cannot wait for more.
9/26 c6 rocklesson86
I am liking this story so far. I cannot believe Chad the asshole was the one drugging his wife. I bet he wanted Abiho gone so he can try to make a move on Gabi. I cannot wait for more Jake/Stefan and Gabi goodness.
8/15 c5 Lisa
Here comes my miracle baby
8/14 c5 1mylove24
Great Chapter!
8/8 c4 5paranoidbychoice
awe I love how Allie looks out for her Mama, if only the show let us see more of their mother/daughter bond. cut back the scenes with Chad repeating the same dialogue and let them have some screen time.
8/7 c4 1mylove24
Well she just blurted it out that she slept with him. At least she has Will and Sonny to vent to.
8/7 c4 Guest
More please
7/28 c3 mylove24
Jake is sneaky! Poor Gabi she is so confused. Great Chapter
7/26 c3 5paranoidbychoice
oh Gabi girl you are in trouble
7/25 c2 1mylove24
love it!
7/23 c1 109samanthabravo
You're a wonderful writer. I'm jealous lol
7/22 c2 5paranoidbychoice
awe I could just picture Jake/Stefan literally doing this! Man these two have amazing chemistry and tension.
7/22 c1 paranoidbychoice
my dear you have no idea how excited i am to see this fic, it has been slim pickings for stabi fans. I cant even imagine how Gabi is going to navigate all these emotions for Jake but her heart still screaming for Stefan.
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