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for Emiya-sensei?

3/24 c9 Hyperman15
Archer and Arthur are very similar sounding names
3/7 c4 2Shigeraki
I say domestic skills should be at least 7/6
2/26 c13 Timurlenk4
If Nagants the secretary I am going to be really curious how Shirou was able to pull that off. Since inmates in Tartarus are suppose to have no interaction or knowledge of the outside.
2/1 c10 Guest
"Why are you sitting on me!?"
12/28/2022 c13 Redpo12
12/6/2022 c9 37kyugan
Lol, Miruko-sensei is about to enroll our precious cinamon-roll in the school of hard knocks.
12/6/2022 c8 kyugan
Shirou is too pure.
11/28/2022 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing


11/25/2022 c13 Gabriel1901
Siempre es interesante ver el pasado de shirou y rumi en la academia. No lo había pensado, pero rumi también influyó en la vida de shirou. Desde chica ella ya tenía un sentido de la justicia fuerte y no le importa decir lo que piensa. Esta personalidad decidida era lo que le faltaba a shirou para afianzar su ideal como héroe. No está mal ayudar a los demás, no importa las consecuencias. El comportamiento de shirou también habrá cambiado la personalidad e ideal de rumi?
Me sorprendió la aparición de hawks en la academia, pero tendrás tus razones para hacer esta modificación. Veremos si más adelante se siguen relacionando con el en la academia, pero shirou y rumi van a ser una gran influencia en su vida. Lo veremos en un futuro? Como será la relación actual de hawks con shirou y rumi?
Stein decidió actuar y atacar tartaro. Así que su objetivo era liberar a lady nagant. Pero, ella aceptara su propuesta? Shirou y rumi podrán llegar a tiempo para detenerlos? Parece que será la primera vez que veamos a este par trabajar juntos. Gran capítulo, nos vemos y cuídate mucho.
11/23/2022 c1 mikewales456
Ey, what? Wahappened to endeavor? Did he became 3rd or something?
11/7/2022 c13 meatloverspizza
11/7/2022 c13 Guest
Good chapter. Things are starting to pick up
It’s fun seeing how Shirou in this universe as a original element of it rather than a newly introduced factor influences the canon to this point and onwards. I assume the bullied kid was Hawks. Still curious about if Endeavor is 3rd now and chill with it(heh), or 500% worse.
A few issues with some things, like the characterization, but I can just write it off by assuming it’s the character developing moment. For one example, Nasu Shirou does not “keep our” of others problems because of logical reasons, but maybe the MHA version developed (devolved?) to be more gogettert / initiative taking / reckless / heroic from Rumi.
11/6/2022 c13 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
11/6/2022 c13 NTMkensei03
It kinda annoying that you write Shirou as the type of person who just gonna back off from someone problem just because he was told not to interfere, it just so wrong for Shirou's character, similar thing happen in Stay Night you know, when Shirou found out Sakura had bruised on her body and asked her about it, of course Sakura denied to told the truth so Shirou decided to take matter in his own hand to investigate and he found out his best friend Shinji was the one to did it, Shirou head straight to find the bastard, punched that seaweed so hard he fly off Shirou's friend list. There also Capsule Servant's Shirou who Nasu said to has the OG Shirou personality before the Fuyuki fire, through Capsule Servant and information from the material book we learn that Shirou already has a strong sense of justice from the start, it just that the Ideal, PTSD and survival guilt twisted it to unhealthy level of self sacrifice.
11/6/2022 c9 ExploerTM
I mean idea is really good, Shirou written well and All Might keeping charade up because Shirou if he get no.1 spot will sell his soul to hero job is interesting bit.

But Mirko is bad enough in canon and in this fic so far she is total bitch with zero redeemable qualities to speak of. Seeing Shirou putting up with her hurts physically.

(I also may be a biiiiit biased because author likes Bakugou and I cheered when that brat bit the dust and prayed for him to stay dead; but god is dead so my prayers were left unanswered unfortunately)

So I'll pass on this fic I guess.
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