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for My feelings about you through time and Space

10/27 c13 71ADdude
I really liked this chapter, very character driven and emotional. It’s clearly well thought out. Honestly you and I had a lot of the same ideas for how Hekapoo was raised and her relationship with Glossaryck. So I’d say that was good. Just a welll written chapter
9/15 c12 ADdude
I do love seeing more of the marcapoo kids and I am happy to see Hekapoo to start putting two and two together to what happening. Its nice to see things rolling on that end
9/14 c11 ADdude
Fun read good to see you update. I liked seeing this interaction with Marco's unknown extended family.
Hm, Seraph and time travel why does that make me feel uneasy? Oh well, keep writing.
8/7 c7 ADdude
Huh neat twist. I liked seeing things from Lekmet side of things. I can’t help but wondering who that kid is. I got no clue I’m sure we will find out later.
8/6 c1 Cheshirek3t
i feel bad for heckie
7/25 c4 ADdude
Seraph? Huh? That name sounds important. 8p
Oh we are seeing how marco got that scar neat.
7/21 c3 Guest
Sadnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Keep it up
7/21 c1 Guest
Great first chapter. So the hekapoo clones when snuffed out share their memories with the original? Nice! A gradual falling in love between the two. Keep it up can’t wait for next chapter!:)
7/20 c2 Guest
I'm so damn glad someone is writing a new Markapoo story, it's still my favorite ship in the series by far. Good luck!

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