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8/22 c8 4MourningTBStyle
yesss a date!
4/21/2021 c4 13lemondrizzlecake
Ahhh, another great chapter! I love the ones in Snake’s perspective, you write his nervous hesitation so well. I keep getting back to this in each review but man, the characterisation is just perfect. All of them are so in character and believable all the time. Oh, and the phonecall at the end was a really nice touch. Can’t wait to read the next!
4/19/2021 c3 lemondrizzlecake
Oops, didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in, the last guest review was me! :)
4/19/2021 c3 Guest
Took me a while to get back to this story, but I’m here :) Another great chapter, once again characterisation is off the charts! I could just picture everything so clearly!
3/14/2021 c5 17Phrankster
This was another very strong chapter and you really feel the despair of Wheels situation. Loved the callbacks to the music of the age too, but whats wrong with Rush? Theyre one of the greatest bands ever, if you ask me!
1/2/2021 c4 Phrankster
I'm enjoying the story so far and especially the way you write the characters and your way of describing things, that are pretty much spot on all the time.

I did think it was a little out of character for a nice guy like Wheels to not even try to make it right with Heather, but I guess that could come later.
10/16/2020 c4 26Raeror
I really enjoyed reading this. It was a really insightful chapter.
10/13/2020 c4 4MourningTBStyle
Ooo snake loves wheels
8/18/2020 c2 13lemondrizzlecake
Solid follow-up! Once again, everyone felt so in character, it’s amazing. I’m really really enjoying this story!
7/18/2020 c1 lemondrizzlecake
This was so good! Everyone felt so in character, and I felt like I was in Wheels' head throughout. Little Snake trying his best to be supportive is a mood. Great job
7/17/2020 c1 2Proud Degrassian
Hey, you're back!
It's good to see you writing for the Old School Degrassi again.

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