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1h c29 RyuujiVantek
To say this will be a gratifying moment when ainz starts butchering the nobles... is a massive understatement. Lookin forward for next chap.
10/3 c29 Guest
YOOOOOO things are heating UP
14h c29 2Jonh137
I binge read this story in one day and would have to rate it up there with the work of atheistbasementdragon I was one of his readers from the start and I have to say I have been continuously impressed by you as well as your assisting beta readers. I hope to see this story continued and please let me know if you have a pætreon
15h c29 spitfyre55555
I straight up binged this entire thing over the course of two days up to this point. It’s just that good. Well done excited to see where this goes.
10/4 c29 Rednaut67
Pretty great story so far, interested to see what happens next

Keep it up
10/3 c7 makoto88
Excelente capitulo Renner ya comienza a descubrir los celos que la a hacer mas peligrosa y psicópata además lo mejor fue la historia de Hilma y su decisión de unirse a Satoru
10/3 c4 makoto88
Esta historia esta muy bien tanto por como se esta comportando Renner con su personalidad yandere que esta siendo lo mejor hasta ahora como el resto los personajes están interactuando, espero como va ir todo en el con los futuros planes de todos
10/3 c29 IHev9Sun
I hope Satoru gets to show off his Super Tier Magic soon or any magic beyond the 6th tier. I am sure it would help immensely with the culling of nobles.

I binged three awesomee Overlord stories back to back and I have to say, I am sad I caught up to all. Looking forward to the mayhem of the next episode. King Ramposa and Renner's sister are now officially on borrowed time. Once she learns what he is planning, I hope she loses her cool and outright breaks her facade and demands she be the reward for Satoru over her sister.

Poor Satoru is going to be forced between a rock and a hard place. He can't refuse a reward of the king but if somehow Ramposa is forced to give him the option to marry Renner or her sister, he is going to have to choose the former.
10/2 c29 Mr.Big
Unexpected twists and beautiful work as always.

Is she going to burn down the whole kingdom? Nahh; just the parts that annoy her, which is a large part of it. I bet Jircniv is gonna see the smoke all the way from Arwinter.
You gotta love that girl.

If this were a show on TV the best end credit for this episode would be; Rival song by Ruelle.

Are they going to time/co-ordinate their purges so that neither is a threat to the other while it is happening?
I’m betting that whatever land is left vacant after this purge is going to be given to members of 7hands. I mean it’s only right that they profit from their plunder. After all they are an organisation of thieves, assassins and mercenaries; all soldiers of fortune. It sounds like most of them didn’t chose to become criminals; they were forced to do whatever they had to in order to survive under the tyranny of the nobles. What better way to win the loyalty of the people than to get rid of the leaders causing their problems and then rewarding them with new land so they can start their lives anew.

The problem comes in when the king actually tells what reward he is planning to give Satoru. Or rather WHO he is getting as his reward. Dude, am I glad I’m only a reader and not actually there when Renner finds out.

But why is Satoru making the same boneheaded mistake as in cannon; where he just blindly trusts his subordinates and allies and then everything goes insane around him with blood, guts and headaches and he doesn’t have a clue what’s even going on.
That’s always been my one problem with Overlord; the MC can sometimes be smart and come up with great ideas and he is the most over-prepared person there is. And he can really handle himself in battle despite being more built for role-play than battle. BUT when it comes to the most obvious and critical things he’s just plain dumb.
And is he actually complaining about how big and successful his business is becoming?
I don’t know if my description is entirely accurate but I think you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong; I can clearly see a lot of growth on your Satoru since this story began and it’s the one thing that the cannon series lacks in my opinion; is some actual learning and thinking from Ainz. But I just hope this here is a wakeup call for him that he should properly question Renner and Hilma and put in an effort to find out what’s happening in his own organisations, both legal and criminal.
But ultimately I understand this is your story and the best stories are the ones that the writers themselves are truly happy and proud with.

Will he use his influence to make free healing legal and finally cause conflict with the temples and we get to see him crush a bunch of fanatics. He has the support of all the guilds and criminals and now the crown. They will all be happy with free healing and the temples will be helpless to do anything about it. I really look forward to these two finally unleashing their wrath on the temples and the theocracy. I hope Maruyama gets to them and Argland before he is done.

And the two certainly have enough power to help Lakyus get free of her family. At this point the kingdom already has too many nobles (hence the purge) but skilled and loyal knights are hard to come by.

I hope we get a scene of Renner’s mother’s POV where she recalls that scene and we get to see it from her perspective. What did she actually see? What thoughts and horrors were running through her head? What does The Devil Princess’s face actually look like in wrath?
It’s always interesting to see the thoughts and reactions of side characters to the main cast. If a story only focuses on the POV from the MC the story becomes boring, monotonous and tedious to read. Focusing a bit on side characters brings more life and variety into the story.
That is why DnD books are my favourite; because they are so rich with a wide assortment of characters and places, all of whom have a lot of depth and history behind them.
Yes, you have been showing the side characters, I’m just a reading customer telling of my experience from reading a lot of stories from a lot of authors.
But those two are still the ones that make this story great.

Will Brain be going to The Draconic kingdom to help with the beasts? With his skill, that OP sword and his new outlook on life, he could do a lot of good there. If done well that would make for a beautiful SHARDS side story. I know there hasn’t been a lot of mention of Cerebrate in LN cannon but if he really is as bad as he is made out to be in practically every fanfic that I’ve ever read with him in it. Then I really, really , reeaallyy want to see Brain teach him a good lesson in pain and humiliation. Maybe there could even be some romance between Brain and Draudilion.

My vote for SHARDS stories is Hilma and 7hands, then Leinas, then Brain.

I wonder if The Theaocracy or Zurernon or even Corpus of the Abyss will take note of that sword. What will the fanatics think about Satoru having a sword filled with undead energy?

Love your work my dude. Hope to see you soon.
10/2 c29 Decadence
Great story! Read through it all and I can't wait for more.
10/1 c29 Guest
Yea! A new chapter! My dude I need like a whole book of this. Great work.
10/2 c29 NoSkill4me
You know, this may be the Overlord fic with the best outcome for Ramposa I have seen yet: Just go along with what Renner says and purge the nobles. And have Ainz on your side.
I love your story, keep at it.
9/30 c21 Guest
I don't even have to wait for the next chapter and even that being the case my first reaction to the cliff hanger was "NOOOOOOO you evil bastard" lol, love the story )
9/30 c13 Guest
I find it kinda difficult to find good fanfiction in this fandom and honestly it's really nice to have come across this. Your writing style is great and I absalutly love the story, good job 10/10 *chef's kiss* ect ) have a good day whenever you read this
9/29 c29 Adom
More More I want more please
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