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4h c1 dahc6950
Está historia es una de las mejores que he leído, no es la mejor están buena, espero con emoción el próximo capítulo
12/5 c1 Guest
Estou muito ansioso pelos próximos capítulos
Espero sinceramente que eles vão para a grande fenda por que está foi uma das coisas que eu mais queria ver no cânon
12/3 c44 Mistletainn
I'm all for quicker update rate, especially since the Chapter 43 sounds really intriguing after this interlude. Anyway, Thanks for the chapter.
Sweet chapter.
12/2 c43 Nullblaster
Well the last chapter seems a bit broken, but I like what I see so far, and will look forward to more.
12/2 c36 Nullblaster
Oh hi there Zaryusu. Will you become another companion? I hope so
I always liked you.
11/30 c44 Guest
Good chapter and I do think you should publish every 3 weeks. This story is like waiting for your favorite TV show except the TV show is 10 minutes long and I have to wait a month to see it. This is my favorite fanfic ever and I respect any decision you make. Publishing every 3 weeks would just make a lot of people very happy. I look forward to the next chapter.
12/2 c7 Nullblaster
Yeah, even without all of Nazarick at his disposal, you don't want to fuck with Momonga/Ainz/Satoru.
12/1 c44 readmeyouscrub
Man I didn't get notif for like a couple chapters but atleast it gave me something to bing, I really enjoyed the intermission it's interesting to get that POV and to see where climb was after all that happened. Anyways really enjoyed the past couple chapters, hope you have a good one author!
12/1 c44 1Loremaster of Kentucky
great intermission I wanna see more climb and edstrom moments
11/30 c1 Maou Trubel
Please don't make this a Harem history.
11/30 c44 1DK2000
I love this intermission. Keep up the good work!
11/30 c44 1TheGreatBubbaJ
A defanged raven eh?
11/30 c44 2RANGER1863
As always, very good chapter.
11/30 c44 TOPCAT-59
At least Ainz no longer has to worry about raeven going against him as long as he doesn’t go after his precious child.
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