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for The Witch and the Sorcerer

9/28 c29 1Paradox009
Great chapter. There is going to be chaos. Looking forward to more, hope you update soon. :)
9/28 c29 4MatthewC
The final scene really weighs more heavily than everything else in the chapter. A few thoughts...

1. I notice there was no discussion of what Satoru's reward is to be for liquidating all of the Royal factions' political enemies. Of course historically when doing Roman-style proscriptions (effectively what this is) half the motivation is to get your hands on the wealth and lands of the enemies you're killing. Even leaving the children alive, there will be many families who don't have young children to inherit meaning that's a lot of lands and money open to being distributed. Really the only question is what rank Satoru gets to match his new lands.

2. What are the chances that Lakyus's parents are on that list of names? I guess that would be one way to, uh, solve her problem... though I doubt she would appreciate it.

3. The Rayne/Arche scene definitely felt like one of the "meanwhile in the Great Tomb" comedy interludes from canon Overlord. You know the funny bits where the NPCs messing with each other but since they're all part of Nazarick nobody is going to horrifically die like happens when they interact with outsiders.

4. The Raeven interlude felt like it was missing a step. To judge Renner as a mastermind rather than just a tool of Satoru, he first needs to establish that Satoru isn't the mastermind behind everything. And the thing is, he could plausibly have done that. Raeven is a very sharp operator so it seems reasonable he could have arranged to talk to Satoru and (accurately) concluded that while very intelligent, the magic-caster just doesn't have the in depth knowledge of the Kingdom's politics to be managing all this on his own. But then as I've said in prior review comments, I think your story is more interesting when it moves away from the "everyone misunderstands Satoru" gag and deals with what happens when people accurately assess Satoru's strengths and limitations and have to figure out what to do with that.

5. The interlude with Renner's mother, sorry "womb lender" was fun. I think Renner has inadvertently exposed a weakness to Vilen. We'll have to see if it matters. (Also, pretty sure that conversation got Baron Montserrat and his Third Son added to The List.) Renner certainly doesn't get her brains from her mother.
9/28 c29 1starscreamer11
'You are getting so spanked after this… Renner…'

Renner: *Heavy masochist breathing*
9/28 c29 beard boy
well, he is defiantly the man for the job.
9/28 c29 Kaliedo
I wonder how this all seems from an outsider's perspective. As the reader we know that Renners' pretty much running the show, I'd be curious to see how this entire meeting appeared from someone else's point of view.
9/28 c29 Trailax
Very nice chapter!
9/28 c29 DimensionalFish
So i recently watched the last episode of the fourth season of overlord. I always liked renner, but seeing her go full yandere and break out into song and dance has got me looking for more renner fics. Glad a new chapter of this came out ill hope for more.
9/28 c29 3RonaldM40196867
Renner would make a great villain.

I do love Overlord.
9/28 c29 1.6180339887498948482045868
i swear, every new chapter, I can never guess what you're going to do. although in retrospect, it makes sense! great chapter!
9/28 c29 desropter
Fantastic fanfiction! i loved Renners character in the anime and was seriously schocke dthat there are barely any fanfictions using her as a main character.
9/28 c29 Ainz227
Great chapter, I was very surprised that part of Renner's plan included revealing that Satoru is the leader of Seven Hands, to tell the truth when Satoru was going to meet with the king I thought he would be informed of his marriage to the 2nd princess and I was waiting to read the reaction from Renner to that xd.
I loved the scene of Renner and her mother, I imagine that at that moment Renner revealed that terrifying presence and appearance that she shows when she frees herself from her shackles as a good girl.
I look forward to the next chapter.
PS: The thing about Arche being called flat as a wall I couldn't stop laughing XD
9/28 c29 123ABIR123
Ainz bullshitting luck and renner's devilish mind is really a terrific combination, really looking forward to the chaos in the future chapters. pls update soon
9/28 c29 max111000
Awesome chapter, my favourite part was the one with Renners mother, but the King one was awesome as well. I am wondering how Lakyus fits into this, i would imagine them not being on the list to be killed but her fiance to be is. The power shift will turn everything upside down. I imagine the killing to be done scilently but then Satoru geting the reward is an open admiting who did it. I cant imagine it not escalating the tension between Satoru and Nobels, if any nobels were left out at all. I'd love some more background action on what is happening in the Empire, as Jivir wants to cull his nobels as well and Furt will be hurt by it.
I had lots of fun and I wish you all the best!
9/28 c29 TheRightPrice
Lol, they're going to create their own 40k style Schola Progenium.
9/28 c29 6baron sanmdi
eh, Satoru: magician, nanny and crime lord when time allow it,
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