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11/3 c6 Necromancer96
author I know this is not your fault but why are Japanese characters so slow ahhhhh they are like momonga they are like I don't know what's going on they are so dense and behave as if obeying was the most correct thing as if they had no personality as if pleasing others was the right thing they are frustrating ahhhh. who knows maybe it's my disgust with this type of character speaking. On the other hand your story until this chapter is very good, please continue with more and this review is more like venting my frustration for these characters.
10/31 c30 Guest
Give ainz flesh body, even if it's zombie. So he can fuck. Hilma atleast
10/31 c30 Valtiel
Poor Raeven, this timeline won't be kind to him given his son doesn't exist yet.

I love that little moment between Hilma and Suzuki, the parallel of his current state and his life as a human, because Suzuki was in a way already an undead, just going through his miserable existence in that rotten Earth, with only Yggdrasil and his friends to keep going, but then nothing, just existing.
10/30 c30 r
super super genial, tus historias siempre son tan buenas.
10/29 c30 Blehblehblehhh
I really love how you depict Renner and Satoru's relationship. Clearly, it's full of misunderstandings and speculation on what the other is thinking, but they do genuinely care for each other... In their own twisted ways. For one, Renner is planning on conquering the kingdom in the name of her love because that's what she believes he wants, and Satoru has already pledged his allegiance to her, unknowing or not. PLUS, in "The Witch's Dystopian Melody", Renner's death triggered Satoru in such a way that he took over an ENTIRE KINGDOM for her when she (sorta) asked him to.

What I'm meaning to say is that their "love" is different and similar at the same time. Renner sees him as a potential partner (although I think this might be because of the influence the noble/royal life had on her with all the underaged marriages and the like), while Satoru sees her as a companion, maybe even a daughter. They consider one another "theirs", whether they realize it or not.

Sorry for going on a tangent. I'm probably overlooking some things, so forgive me if I'm wrong
10/31 c30 ILikeGoodStories
An actual scheduled release? God damn it man you just made my year, I will surely be there to support you from now on.
10/29 c30 Guest
love it
10/31 c30 readmeyouscrub
Damnnnnn, another great chapter. I'm so happy I followed this story, cant wait for the next chapter!
10/30 c30 1RANGER1863
A very interesting and really good chapter.

The way Satoru talks about his reason for staying with Renner is very interesting and realistic, explaining his reasoning, his part and how his friends helped him, that clears things up a lot.

The idea of Raven is very interesting, especially when we know that all her desire to have the crown will disappear with the birth of her son, I think that Raven is a good character that could be explored in a better way, considering her change with the birth of his son and the moment he falls in love with his wife, I could put that part.

As always, it was a very good chapter, really interesting, I will be waiting with great emotion for the next part.

And a huge favor, could you pass me the link to join Patreon, I really want to read the next part but I don't know how to access the page, if you could help me I would really appreciate it.
10/30 c30 TheOneBehindTheVeil
curiosity, will ainz have more screen time next chapter? Bring us papa bone daddy
10/30 c30 NaturalLife777
alright this is getting interesting again
10/30 c30 LudmilaZ
Thanks for the chapter!
10/30 c30 MasterOfDragonsGod
10/29 c30 3Chaosconetic
I can just imagine Raeven walking up to Renner and being like "My intelligence has doubled since the last time we met, Princess." Just so Renner can go "Good, twice the pride, double the fall.".

Or maybe when her family discover her treachery it'll be "The crown shall decide your fate." with her going "I AM The crown . . . .atop my dear Satoru's head, or, no wait, I could be the mantle upon his shoulders. kuku, would he let me sit on his shoulders? A question for another time."
10/29 c30 2SpicyArbiter
I think the stars in the sky are a bit brighter than a measly 100 suns. Just, y’know. There’s already an unthinkable amount of stars in just the milky way, many of which are larger and brighter than our sun.
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