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for The Witch and the Sorcerer

10/29 c30 Corazon Doktocrow
ah, an update! glad to know this fic is still alive

might wait a bit until at least this arc finishes before re-reading, but looking forward for more all the same
10/29 c30 NoSkill4me
100 Soldiers already seems like quite a large castle. You have to remember that professional soldiers are expensive to maintain and peasants are cheap.
50 people seems like a good number for the total staff of a moderately sized castle.
Overall a niece chapter, though.
10/29 c30 5nopeite nopeite nope
honestly the wait was worth it. I quite enjoyed this chapter and am looking forwards to the next.

nothing bad to say really. I just want more lmao.
10/29 c30 ABitterPill
Marquis Raeven is about to realize that pride goeth before the fall. Right into Renner's hands.
10/29 c30 4Alucard
Glad to see an update and I look forward to more
10/29 c30 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
10/29 c30 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Interesting he finally vocalized his thoughts, glad Hilma has become a confidant for him.
10/29 c30 1Onix121
We've crossed the Rubicon boyz
10/29 c30 1Contramissar Dystodes
Welp, money-spending time it is
10/29 c30 Lechuzape
10/29 c30 Spacemonkey777
Well he is dead now! Hahaha
10/29 c30 1SixPathsOfKyuubi
this was a good chapter. I look forward to the repercussions of this event and the marquis losing his shit when he finds out what happened. I want to see pants shitting fear.
10/29 c30 1Paradox009
Great chapter. Looking forward to seeing more, hope you update soon. :)
10/29 c30 vilgax
That was a great chapter
10/29 c30 DwiAAziz18
The Hundred Suns is a beautiful but terrible phrase
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