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for The Witch and the Sorcerer

10/29 c30 1starscreamer11
Ight cool, see yall next month!
10/29 c30 3RonaldM40196867
Raeven is fun.

Happy Halloween!
10/29 c30 furukawa023
Marquis Raeven change when his son is born in canon, I'm not sure if he going to change even if his son is born
10/25 c29 cool untaken username
Ainz knows about levels, why would he make his subordinates clean and cook when that will get them levels not related to combat?

I mean that’s literally what happened to Brian
10/25 c25 Guest
"I was meaning to say that I betted 40 platinum coins on Lakyus."

Should be: " I MEANT to say that I BET 40 platinum coins on Lakyus."
10/24 c1 Guest
"Oh, I'm Satoru, a magic caster."

If you count Satoru's name as japanese then this sentence becomes fifty percent in japanese and fifty percent in english. "Magic caster" is japanese, not english.
The english equivalent of the japanese "magic caster" would be something like "caster", "magic user", "spell caster" etc. etc.
10/25 c29 CZ2128DDelta
OH MY GOD I finished it, I'm so hyped in the next chapter I can't wait to see old characters returning; Swords of Darkness (if they exist now), missed opportunity to introduce Foresight? I don't know but you also introduced Leina and Gagaran. Will we see Evileye? OHH I can't wait. Anyways thanks for the chapter!
10/20 c29 Guest
What a hell of a cliffhanger to end it on. Perhaps cliffhanger isn't the right word, but I desperately await seeing what will happen in the midst and aftermath of the purge. I love love love this, and I'm so very glad it hasn't been abandoned even after all this time.
10/22 c21 CZ2128DDelta
I love what you did to Arche's character being an arrogant noble because she has not tasted the loss of power, and also abuses her position a lot when she gets irritated! Though this review is new and more chapters are out I can't think if Foresight is here or not.
10/21 c22 Ltbutterfly287
this is really getting to be cringe, he is basically a god amongst man and you have this weird idea that constantly downplaying his power and skill is in some way good writing or interesting. it works for early chapters but eventually it gets old and some people like me want that shit to end and just let him be all he is.
10/21 c16 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly this whole why me bullshit is a little annoying and all his trouble would be gone if he just exposed his true power. No one would fuck with him if they understood it would essentially be the same as messing with as god. Also if he meets fleuder or arche you need to realize they would immediately know he's OP as fuck, ainz doesn't have a ring with him that would hide his magical power magic casters should be capable of feeling his raw power.
10/21 c14 Ltbutterfly287
The one thing I truly don't like about this story is your unnecessary need to have him hide everything about himself. that mindset is a mentality used by the weak before they are strong. He knows he is literally the apex of their world but still downplays himself and his power for no actual reason. The premise of your story is interesting but the idea but your ridiculous need to have him act unimpressive is getting old quickly.
10/21 c5 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly I think you've made ainz to passive and having him call himself satoru doesn't really feel right. He hated his life and had no strong feelings for it which is why he was so quick to take up a new name, at the very least he would have stuck with momonga. Lastly I think you believe that it was the guardians of nazarick that made him prone to killing, he's undead now he doesn't have any strong feelings towards murder and his psychological perspective would make it difficult to care all that much over killing.
10/20 c17 CZ2128DDelta
I love what you did with young Jir, really misunderstood Satoru's intentions and vice versa. I may have a few questions ask in the latest chapter as I will read it later
10/20 c14 CZ2128DDelta
Yay I was waiting for Ninya to appear I thought the part where a new character appeared in chapter 10 was Ninya but it was an appearance for Brain, keep up the fantastic work.
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