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for A Change of Heart

10/16 c10 theotakuboy
just read it today really nice fanfic hope for more chaps
10/6 c10 5andytak3740
This is once of the better crossovers I've read. I'm looking forward to the next chapter oh so very much.
9/25 c10 Guest
Wew,im excited about his relationship with winterssss
9/27 c10 Fuyuriku
Thank you for the read.
9/27 c1 Dasgun
9/23 c10 Guest
love it
9/23 c6 Guest
Such a great story. It's always wonderful to see a well written rwby Naruto crossover

Great work and keep writing!
9/23 c10 Blueberry
I'm not sure how to feel about Naruto's relationship with Cinder...
9/23 c10 Evan
Good chapter. I loved all the character interactions, especially between Naruto, Cinder, and the girls, as well as how people (i.e Winter & Ironwood) react to him. I could see potential in Winter's relationship with him, I've got a guilty pleasure for enemies-to-lovers type shit (coughSasukecoughCindercough), although they're not enemies.
9/23 c10 anon
i really hope naruto makes up with pyrrha soon. personally, i think that cinder (foil for fem!sas) and pyrrha are the two most suitable for naruto cause i find the others to be a bit too immature/young for him. i know that cinder's a controversial pairing to say the least, but i really do hope she stays with naruto.

imagine a catfight between sasuke and cinder though, sasuke being (unknowingly?) jealous of cinder's relationship and how cinder resembles her. i wonder if sasuke is going to return to remnant soon. thanks for the chapter, 10/10!
9/23 c10 Guest
Thank you for keeping Blake’s hair LONG!
9/24 c10 1insanemaelstorm
This was good. Like how you showed the rwby fight through the eyes of taiyang and qrow. Also like how much they have improved. Like how Nora's battle prowess was shown as well. Like how Naruto is affecting cinder and how pyrrha is reacting to that. Can't wait to read more
9/24 c10 Integral Calculus
Binged the entire thing... well, at least the entirety of what we got so far. It was... engaging? but... awkward? in the sense that at times whatever was happening felt random and not random at the same time... especially the Satsuki scenes... and Satsuki herself as a character... did nothing to color my experience of this story... like... the fuck was she even really doing in this fic?
9/24 c10 2Newotouto
Not a chapter i waiting for, but, well done dude
9/23 c10 1NaruLemon Stories
Loving the story more and more
Keep writing and stay safe
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