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for Why am I on Fire?

7h c37 1AlexoHunter
Fantastically written, and a good enough end.
6/17 c20 Budda Dawg
I knew that he was going to have a child that would be Izuku's age. I fucking knew it
6/17 c19 Guest
Imagine there actually being a Infant burrito size
6/15 c15 Guest
Fuyumi: senses potential second brother being born
6/14 c14 Guest
Nezu: You did it, you crazy son of a bitch you did it
Rikiya: haha text go brrrrr
Rei: Mhm. That's hot.
6/13 c6 Guest
Wholesomeness levels are getting out of fricking control
6/13 c5 Guest
That night. I dreamed of Tacos.

That line. It honestly killed me.
6/13 c3 Guest
I am thankful for you deciding that the world needed this, because the world needed this.
6/2 c5 Johnmau
Taco dreams...
5/30 c37 TigerAkemi1
No don't be over but I can understand, I will miss the fluffy and happy feels though... Hope to see more of your work in the future! Have a nice day!




I fucking loved this very short slice of life story, It was very short but it was very entertaining and had me laughing my ass off
5/24 c4 Critic
I think I'm going to have to stop here. I just don't enjoy the protagonist. Best wishes with the rest of the story seems like alot of people like it.
5/25 c15 SapphireFF
Sure, this might be a really cringy self insert fanfic, but at least you write well. Makes it bearable to read.
5/25 c2 SapphireFF
Even better would be «I’m from the future» lol
5/22 c37 5JohnyXD
Thank you.
This has been wonderful to read.
Please keep up the good work.
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