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for Why am I on Fire?

8/9 c37 Guest
I finished it in a day and my face is hurting because of the smiles wonderful story
8/5 c37 ToaFeron
Deadly levels of 'SQUEEEEE' on display, fantastic story
8/3 c37 Zoo hi dghf
Best MHA fic
7/31 c23 Demostrathe
Just saying that last part making him sound like a red lantern or broly
7/31 c15 Demostrathe
T pose for dominance
7/30 c9 Demostrathe
the almighty s rank talk no jutsu
7/25 c37 Valtoran
Well, that was a nice story, thank you
7/13 c33 Guest
Kinda hope Enji visits Tarturus and steals some fire, heat, body enhancer and regeneration type quirks

Maybe he could be like Escanor if he mixes it all up

Maybe give some regeneration or body enhancing quirks to his kids
7/13 c16 Guest
Hope he hires twice

Make an army of endevours

Twice doesnt need to even leave the hero Building

Just play games and do some paper work and listen to the police scanner for more endevour clones
6/27 c37 deathbricks
I loved it all.
6/15 c37 2JDS62
Well, this has been an enjoyable morning reading through the fic, still Socially Awkward Shoko/Shoto is the best Them.
6/14 c37 Broken horn
Just finished reading the whole thing, loved every moment of it and can’t wait to check out your other works
5/30 c25 Guest
I adore the name! Shoko Nishimiya is one of my all time favorite anime characters, so I'm glad you decided to give the baby the same first name.
5/30 c7 Guest
The sheer chaotic energy in the first part of this chapter is beautiful 3
5/23 c23 9Itack23
... Damn... That went from 0 to 100 in only a chapter...
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