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for Quarantine 101

8/10 c1 58KagamiPINKAgreste
LOVE the reference for Season 3 - Quarantine. That was crazy fun episode. Definitely the basic Lockdown we all are forced to deal with is evil. Nice idea Lola had, giving the gang time to chat. Chase a bit jealous is always cute. Zoey loves you Chase. The only two people we are missing here is Lisa and Vince Blake.
7/18 c1 Endurance obilo
I hate this coronavirus. And please I'm still waiting for you to write a story about creepy connie returning and kidnapping Luke. And write a story about Hans returning and kidnapping Anna for revenge Davey walker you said you write that story please write that story. And please please bring back Gabriela Tara Hayley into the victorious fan fiction. And Davey walker I have a question am I allowed to bring back paisley returning and getting revenge on raven and Booker I'm still waiting for your answers.

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