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for Final Fantasy XV: A Kazama Story

6/9 c17 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
5/18 c16 Guest
Good chapter also are you going to make asuka follow prompts when he falls off the bridge but when he gets captured asuka meets up with noctis
5/18 c16 Bacara Best Clone Commander
5/2 c15 2Alternet RedSkys
Hmm is this where Episode gladiolus begins?
4/24 c15 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
4/20 c14 2Alternet RedSkys
You made a good choice an apprentice and the younger one. But she called Aranea mother I'm thinking it's adoptive mother?

Still Asuka needs to find a worthy rival or teacher. Rival could be Lilly... or Someone a bit more light hearted to loosen her heart up.
4/10 c14 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
Good very very good.
4/8 c13 2Alternet RedSkys
Aww a very real chap about the effects of war. I wonder how Asuka will react when blondie goes missing?
4/2 c13 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
3/28 c12 2Alternet RedSkys
Ah fuck the heart breaking moment. At least she is fine.. But they have to go... Things just got personal.
3/22 c11 Alternet RedSkys
Nice he got the storm guy!
3/21 c12 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
...oh boy..
3/13 c11 Bacara Best Clone Commander
3/11 c10 2Alternet RedSkys
Fuck that's got to hurt finding out a loved one is dead and all. But nice fight.. Barely remembered it from the game but it was a big fight.
2/17 c10 19Bacara Best Clone Commander
Oh boy...
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