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for Fraud, but a True Friend

9/15 c1 OPM
7/22 c1 Leen Ananzeh
(sorry accidentally submitted the previous comment before finishing)
where Mob (spoilers?) had went inside Mogami's mind and was stuck in there for mentally 6 months with no one around. Mob ended up attempting to ckoke someone. Just imagine how he'd have become had he never met Regien
cool writing btw
7/22 c1 Leen Ananzeh
Actually when I first got into the show I really disliked Reigen, as he was fooling Mob and lying to him which might cause Mob to feel hurt or betrayed later on when he finds out.
But as I watched more and more episodes, Reigen is now one of my most favourite characters, he is brave, he cares for Mob, he is so awesome and coooool! the way he deals with people! smart! he is also pretty handsome. heh
I realised that, had Mob never went to Reigen when he was a kid or had never met him, forget how Reigen would be but Mob would have been a lot more different, just imagine the mental disorders he'd have, and that was clear in the Mogami episode, where Mob

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