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8/7 c34 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
8/7 c34 Habu2010
Yep, please continue. I wonder Rin or Sakura show up. Sakura (BB) will make an appearance.
8/7 c34 hermitfan
Tanks for the update
8/5 c10 dragon slayer of death 98
i hope he creates and finishes muramasa's dream, to create the ultimate sword, his reality marble is basically a forge that creates infinite swords, so i think he can do it, create myoungiri muramasa and tsukimaru muramasa, also hope he has eyes of karma now
7/26 c15 kevinthegoat0304
Olga’s death is necessary for Ritsuka’s character development.
7/26 c14 kevinthegoat0304
Shirou can trace Avalon to basically it’s full power because he has had it for so long.
7/25 c4 kevinthegoat0304
Well he is a descendant of Muramasa so forging swords is a good idea for him
7/19 c1 KaneGehabite
I meant "in love" and not "in love" ... sorry if I messed up ...
7/19 c33 KaneGehabite
Hello everyone from Russia.
Thanks to a friend, I found your wonderful story and it captured me.
Now let me ask a question:
Soon our universes will go to New Camelot (6th Singularity) and how will they deal with it? After all, the presence of two Arthurs (and two Mordreds, if the son / daughter, from London, join Chaldea and take part in this), outwardly identical, obviously will not play into the hands of the Lion King, because the same Lancelot will immediately rush to the "human" Arturia and surely someone else.
I can directly imagine the face of Gawain when, at the selection ritual, Arturia protects ordinary people from the order of her Divine Self. This would surely cause a wild dissonance in the Sun Knight.
Therefore, for balance, it is worth adding someone else to the faction of the Goddess of the Spear.
How about Morgana and Alter Emiya? Or do you have any other candidates?
If it's not a secret, of course...

7/11 c33 Drageos
I’m confused about something with the Reality marbles in your stories. Reality Marbles are a representation of the person’s inner self. That’s why the chant for them and their appearances change depending on the person’s experiences in life. So how is Shirou’s the exact same as Archer’s? He differs from Archer in too many ways for them to be the same.
7/2 c1 bestgile
saber? which one ? you how little that narrow down
6/29 c1 JonnyBoboThe1st
I’m conflicted on this first chapter, I think this should have been a different route but it’s not that big of a deal. I like the idea so I’ll keep reading
6/27 c31 agentpotter71
By the way, I'm also wondering when Shiro uses "Reality Marble" in this story? And will he show it at all? Because he gave Da' Vinci a condition about showing his Reality Marble. Is it possible that Shiro will show it in Babylon?
6/27 c33 agentpotter71
When I read your story about Singularities that I haven't seen or haven't played before, I blinked like an owl and didn't understand what was going on at all XD. But one day I would like to play these games from the "Type Moon" series.
But the beauty of "Fate/Grand Order" is that we see old characters from other "Type Moon" stories :)
And as I understand it, Londinium will be the turning point that reveals the problem of Singularities and reveals the main enemy in "Grand Order", since in the anime we were shown only echoes from other Singularities - just one of such scenes in the memories of the main characters.
Yes, it's a pity, of course, that Frankenstein will not be in this story, because I liked her character in "Apocrypha".
The interaction between Shiro and Mordred makes me very happy, sometimes even amused!
And how did you handle the "book" - is it a reference to your other story? But here in a more peaceful way, which I liked :)
And it is also clear to me why there is a chapter and a half left on this Singularity and its results in Chaldea, since with Shiro and Arturia, events will go faster.
Most likely you will destroy most of the summoned servants as in the original, but my bet is that you will take Mordred to Chaldea! Or will you take someone else? What intrigues me is when you always pick someone up in every Singularity :) So I'm looking forward to continuing!
P.S.: Why do I write so much? Just because I am a co-author in the story of my friend and I know what it's like when comments come down to "When will a new chapter be released?", and not to discuss the chapter! And that's why I'm writing this because I like this story and just express my opinion on each chapter :)
6/17 c33 Gil Kaiser
I don't know this Hans, where's the Hans that talk shit with Gil and Goetia
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