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2/8 c42 Voidicus
1/19 c9 2hupedia
Yeah, I think I'll stop here.
The sheer inconsistencies with canon, and honestly straight up incorrect things involving apostles don't bode well for the later bits of the story.
I enjoy your writing but eh, do educate yourself on what you're actually writing your story about.
You don't have to play Tsukihime but do spend a few hours going through wiki's or watch someone lets play it instead.
1/19 c6 2hupedia
Right, so I'll be blunt this chapter and the one before it almost killed the story for me, so I'm going to just get this off my chest now starting with me going back to my previous comment.
Ciel is... very good for a human, extremely dangerous to monsters, but she's hardly a match for anything but the weakest servants.

Furthermore Shirou has far more then simple Black Key's at his disposal, he has tons of anti regen weapons, anti immortal weapons, and holy weapons to work with in his reality marble, his biggest asset will always be how many options he has.
Someone who's technically immortal like Ciel for example would find him a horrifying person to fight.

Meanwhile Saber has literally the strongest holy weapon in existence, anything short of one of the top 20 Ancestors isn't going to even inconvenience her, especially at full power.
In fact, even Barthomeloi Lorelei wouldn't be able to do more then heavily inconvenience Saber, she's really just that dangerous on top of basically being immune to all modern magecraft.
If Saber can shrug off magic from the age of the gods like Caster kept shooting at her, I really doubt anything short of literal divine attacks is going to do anything to her in this age.

Also, Shirou really shouldn't have to prepare his stomach or anything, nothing will ever come close to what he experienced from the fire for him.
He will find what he's looking at unpleasant but that's the worst of it, most of the things in the VN that genuinely disgusted him were more psychological then actual gore.

Like finding out all those orphans were being used as meat batteries, or learning Sakura was being violated all this time without him suspecting a thing.
Or him going against his ideals to protect one person over the many.
1/19 c5 2hupedia
I am... like 90% positive that Ciel would get bodied by Assassin much less Saber, hell Shirou would slaughter her once his reality marble is up.
1/19 c3 2hupedia
Nah, I'm fine with this outcome.
It's surprisingly realistic, there's even a name for what Shirou and Rin went through.
The suspension bridge effect if I recall right.
1/19 c2 2hupedia
Eh, Shirou is hardly overpowered.
Type Moon has some truly ridiculous stuff in it, Shirou if anything only has his foot in the door of being able to hold his own and not die on the spot against things like Apostle Ancestors and more.
1/19 c1 2hupedia
I'm glad that I'm not the only one tired of edgelord fanfics.
Gods save me from hack authors who think trauma equates to character development.
1/6 c42 Suzuran Kishigane
Hope to see the next Chapters Soon, especially Hoping that my Favorite Character, Gareth the Gentle Knight, whom I also dubbed Gareth Londinium, would not only appear as a Servant, but also with the Chaldea Group.

Speaking of, I also hope that, my other Favorite Character, Jack the Ripper, would also reappear once more, but this time being Treated like a Child of King Hassan, due to the fact that, unlike Jack who's literally born and became an Assassin Class Servant, despite her True Class of being a Berserker Class Servant, the Clan of Hassan are Trained to be Assassin's, with 18 Leaders under King Hassan, aka the 1st Hassan-i-Sabbah.
1/6 c40 Suzuran Kishigane
About to read.

I wonder if you'll add the other Characters from Fate Shadow Spear, specifically that worlds Shirou Emiya but as a Lancer Class Servant, with his Artoria as his Familiar aka a part of him, like Anna and Marie, aka they'll count as 1 Servant.

I'd be interesting to see a Younger looking Lancer Shirou Infront of an Older Looking Saber Shirou and besdies the much older and unhappy Archer Emiya.
1/2 c42 1yuutojaden
Great. It has been a long time since you update. I am really looking forward to the meeting between Artoria with Bedivere soon.
1/1 c1 Suzuran Kishigane
Before I read this.

I have a Suggestion, which is a way to branch out of the usual Naruto or Fate Series Fanfiction. Why not make Hinata Uzumaki, but a version who was Senju Tsunade's Apprentice, and Gareth the Gentle Knight, but a version who Learn Magecraft from Merlin whenever she has free time, even learning Tracing cause Merlin thought I'd be fun to teach it to her, Reincarnate into the DxD World as Asia Argento. But, unlike the Usual Reincarnation, they'll be considered as Separate Entities within Asia's Mind whom willingly train her.

Asia will have Magic Circuits and Chakra Coils, along with Gareth's Armor Sets and Weapons, and when she was Kicked out of the Church, which it's still unknown on when or how old was she kicked out, so you could go with the age of 12 or 13, and she's capable of defending herself and even getting away from Fallen Angels to the point that she found herself to Kuoh Academy, after actually getting both the money and own a passport to fly to Japan and enroll to Kuoh Academy, while being known as a Christian due to her still having a Cross.

The Devil's would mostly try to not be near or ignore her due to the Cross, while keeping the fact that she knows there's 2 Sets of Devils on where she's living.
12/29/2023 c42 Daybit Sem Void
Here's hoping you're gonna involve Arcade servants like male Molay in this singularity
12/29/2023 c42 julian.ezeduthil
Is good to "see" you here
12/28/2023 c42 codywhite162
Incredible chapter as usual and I am excited to go through this singularity! Arturia gets to face down herself just like in the Fuyuki one and Mordred is along for the ride as well. I am already liking the changes you have brought and I cannot wait to see what is in store not just for Arturia but for the entire team. If I remember the movie correctly doesn't Goddess Arturia redeem herself at the end when she was the main antagonist? It's been awhile since I watched the Camelot movie so I could be wrong but I digress consider me hyped! Also I like the little lemons sprinkled throughout with Shirou and Arturia as it shows just how in love with one another they are and it's quite frankly adorable.
12/28/2023 c42 Xivitai
Actually you you can have Lion King's Mordred in story. Lore allows for multiple copies of one servant summoned at the same time.
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