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for Avalon Bond

good chapter.

stay healthy.
6/9 c24 Kaito Aozora
I don't know if anyone ever told you author, but I'm telling you now.

Servants no matter who they are they are limited to one third of their real self, so they are limited to classes. So if you put a minion against the human in your alge, the human will beat the minion. During the Grand Order in that same uniqueness, Septem, Nero Claudius himself demonstrates this during the uniqueness in the game.

So don't put Nero Claudius aside just because she's human because she alone can beat the minions without a hitch.

This is not just for Nero, it is for anyone who has entered the throne of heroes.
6/9 c24 Dasgun
6/9 c24 Uday Sra
6/9 c24 Uday Sra
6/9 c24 1yuutojaden
Nice work. Hopefully you will update soon.
6/8 c1 hgx
tiene e hiraishin por que no lo usa para escapar
6/8 c24 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
6/4 c1 Skywolf99
i've had this story sitting in my tabs for quite a while now, and now i've finished chapter 1. i gotta say it's not bad, but i feel underwhelmed for lack of a better word. hopefully that changes as the story progresses
5/26 c23 yuutojaden
please continue
5/24 c1 2RaijuTsuiga1126
your theory is wrong. While it's possible to increase the quality of magic circuits, thus increasing the units of prana that can be generated, it's impossible to increase the number of magic circuits themselves without a transplant of some type such as a tantric ritual like un UBW when Rin transferred her crest to Shirou temporarily.
5/12 c23 Dasgun
5/12 c23 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
5/11 c23 1740
can't wait for shirou and artoria to run into waver in this singularity
5/11 c23 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
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