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for The Blonde Future

2/8 c5 Zero1734
Man even if Jiraya' s last stand gets me to tear up it's definitely Minato and Kushina sacrifice that to this day I cant help but cry
Thanks for the story: D
2/4 c19 Pizza2698
Please continue :)
1/19 c19 Guest
the irony of the end
1/16 c19 Peinguinmaster2
this has to be the greatest story i have seen i wonder what would happen in the boruto franchise
12/31/2023 c1 dianop27
Plz continue this story
12/15/2023 c19 dianop27
Plz update the story ad the 20 chapter
9/30/2023 c9 leonardmosca08
If you wondered why no one has reviewed or read it's just the way you wrote it I'm done with your story as of now as well it's bad enough we have the movie company promoting Naruto's last movie is canon and the evidence in the anime and the Naruto comic book has evidence contrary to Naruto's last movie the fact that you have to promote that he is is why people have given up on your story and a boycott at you.
9/30/2023 c8 leonardmosca08
Let me establish the Naruto's last movie is not canon it is fanfiction professional fanfiction if you don't believe me watch the original Naruto and Naruto shippudory none of the events that happened in Naruto's last movie happened in the Naruto anime series shonen jumps mungai I also suffer from a mild cases of dyslexia just cuz a few fans ask you to do so doesn't mean you should do it because those events are not canon and did not happen.
9/30/2023 c3 leonardmosca08
You need to fix you need to fix Minato dialogue I think a lot of fans are turned off that you turn a Minato to into Naruto copycat not how he acts if you need source inspiration don't hesitate to watch some Naruto flashbacks for inspiration there's a couple episodes and even the Naruto's lost Tower they got enough of the kind of man Minato namikaze is but outside of that the story is fantastic.
9/30/2023 c1 leonardmosca08
Some of the flashbacks seem conveniently abbreviated and it doesn't seem like those memories would be ones that he would remember certain ones I can see other ones call into question but outside of this this is not a bad fanfiction I know this site is dying or if not already dead because of coronavirus epidemic but I thank you for the story and wish you well and whatever your future endeavors entail.
9/25/2023 c19 Alisha
Good end to a story. I love this
9/25/2023 c17 Alisha
This story should have way more reviews it's awesome and well detailed. One of the best reading the future I've ever read, thanks
8/25/2023 c2 Jon 'Fatjon' Umber
how the heck is that in Naruto memory?
8/4/2023 c4 10Aurum Fire
His name is actually yamato not yamamoto
7/21/2023 c19 Guest
Can you continue this please
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