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for The Fusion Hero

10/1 c1 1Reem519
I was thinking of making a crossover for Jaden and his Heroes.
9/22 c1 HydraLightning
GX was has always been my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh series. and seeing this...YOU ARE A LEGEND. Although I am sad that Clayman is dead...I'm hoping he's not really dead.
7/20 c1 Jthomajba
I want see where this story go! Write more plz
7/19 c1 1fpinheiro96
Great start! I really like your idea and I agree with you that there should be more quality Gx out there! Can't wait to see what happens next!
7/19 c1 JustWritingAround
This is well written. I'm excited to finally read a story revolving around Jaden using his powers. So much potential. I'll be waiting until the next update.
7/19 c1 Venmorsas
definitely interesting. cant wait to see where this goes. shame about Clayman though. he has some of my favorite elemental hero fusions.

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