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for I Don't Want You To Be At Peace (I Want You To Fight)

10/28 c1 6Slim 'Tech' Sherman
Stop it, that piece of music was horribly amazing! Now I'm definitely crying! That was an emotional rollercoaster, and you know it. Thank you for the lovely ending to Starwars!
8/21 c1 2EatsBooks
Oh my word, amazing! I was sobbing by the end of it!
8/20 c1 10Ruby Silverstar
I'm crying. I'm actually crying.
You are the first fanfiction writer to make me crying.
7/21 c1 29NessaRoseFangirl
I’m crying, this was beautiful
7/20 c1 108rainingWolf
Oh my word, what a roller coaster of emotions! I find it very interesting because Ahsoka as a grey Jedi (if you will, or an outsider to the Jedi way after she has left the Order) so it's acceptable to me that she's the one who fights Anakin and wrestles him to stay.

Because Anakin, as someone who's finally come back and rediscovered himself with the identity as the Chosen One of the Jedi Order who will bring Balance to the Force... he has accepted his peace. It is his time. But Ahsoka, the one who has half her soul in both worlds, is the one who pulls him back. It's interesting how you write that.

The parts that got to me were all the others who had passed- they appear and finally show themselves and shower them with love. I like how Luke witnesses everything.

Great job as usual! Keep up the good work!
7/20 c1 39JimmyPenguin421
That was karking beautiful. Thank you for destroying my feels and somehow making me incredibly happy at the same time.
7/20 c1 17Moleluv
This made me cry a Little in happiness.
I love this.
Have you seen the Hishe series on YouTube?
This is
How Star Wars Should Have Ended.

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