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for Harry Secura

11/22 c1 overlord of hell 2012
Enjoyed your story and look forward to reading more and would like to see Harry to be paired with both
11/12 c1 BigglyVocab
This isn't going to be anything lmao

This story was 500 words and only touched six months ago. What was the point of this?
10/17 c1 Ryantubehd
harry and padme
9/11 c1 AdamDarkAskari
my personal thought is Both
9/10 c1 6Primus2021
If I remember right Sabine Wren would be around 18 to 21 when Luke blows up the DS1, so I don't think Sabine would even be born yet.

I am all for a harem or threesome, but I think that the best girl's to use during the prequel era would be - not counting Jedi girls - Queen Padme Amedala of Naboo, Duchess Satine of House Kryze from Mandalore or maybe even Senator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora, and these are just from the top of my head.

However in a original trilogy era, I think that a harem or threesome consisting of a combination from Leia Organa, Winter Celchu, Sabine Wren, Mara Jade, Maris Brood and/or Juno Eclipse, would work.

I just don't see Padme and Sabine working well in the same harem unless this take place in an AU where Padme survived the childbirth of the twins and is eventually in a pedo oedipus like relationship with Harry who would be around the same age as her own kids.

Sorry for the rant, didn't mean to go off on a tangent but that's how I feel about it. Still if the is a prequel fic I'd go with The Queen, the Duchess and the Senator hooking up with Harry.
8/23 c1 enji-benjy
Why is the house turned into a 'Madalorian bomb', why not just a 'bomb'? Not everything has to be 'madalorian'.

I suggest getting some help with your grammar etc, it's pretty bad.

8/18 c1 Tsukoblue
I hope for just Harry and Padme
8/13 c1 peterpetals92
8/4 c1 46Hikari Nova
hmmm both {mainly because to F*** with the turn coat that is Anakin skywalker}
7/29 c1 starboy454
good start both
7/27 c1 durred
I like pairing him with both. I make a break from the standard pairings
7/23 c1 Grounded Forever
Steaming pile of dogshit, is what I would call the premise if it were 100% better
7/19 c1 Andria
Honestly I wanna finally read a really good padme Harry story but both also wouldn't be that bad
7/19 c1 Guest
7/20 c1 Dr1zzy
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