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for Duele El Corazon

8/24 c31 Sasukle
Thank you for writing this story. I’ve very much enjoyed reading it. :)
8/24 c31 Amymikk
What an amazing story and I can’t wait for more future fics too. You have gone through a year of peter and Carla’s life and hit all the milestones too. I’m glad they discussed there feelings at the end. It’s nice to see Carla warming to Johnny and finally peters family are forgiving her. X
8/23 c31 Guest
Wow. Thank you so much for writing this amazing fic...I have loved every chapter. I can’t wait to read your future fics.
8/23 c31 CarlaConnor Lover
Wow you’ve made this story go through a year of Carla and Peter’s lives in only 31 chapter without missing any of the big milestones well done that’s an incredible achievement and I loved every chapter of this story and the end chapter was fitting just like all the others as Carla told Peter all of her feelings after figuring out them herself and the Barlow family are forgiving Carla and everything has fallen into place xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/23 c31 Guest
Oh this is cute
8/23 c31 XxCarterFanxX
I've loved this fic so much :)
8/23 c30 XxCarterFanxX
Love :)
8/23 c29 XxCarterFanxX
8/23 c30 Amymikk
I’m so glad Carla took that step and went back to work it’s what she needed. Awwww the bee has started walking that’s well cute. I hope Carla and peter get some alone time as I think they need it with having a baby they have no time to themselves. Great chapter. X
8/23 c30 Guest
This is so sweet
8/22 c30 6carlaconnorfan002
8/22 c29 Guest
Another good chapter. :)

Like Ken, I am a bit surprised that Carla and Peter seem to have gone back to normal so quickly. I expected there to be more tension between them. I definitely did not expect Peter to bounce back from it all so fast. I do feel they have somewhat patched over their issues, however, and that they’re bound to come up again in the future. We know that Carla didn’t say what she said in the heat of the moment, like Peter thinks, because she also told her therapist that she holds Peter responsible for killing their first baby. So deep down she must believe it.

Going back to work will be good for Carla. Her life has been completely consumed by motherhood. It’ll be good for her think about about something else for a while.
8/22 c30 Guest
OMG this is such a fabulous chapter. Such a cute ending with Bea starting to walk and Carla not missing it. Can’t wait to read more
8/22 c30 CarlaConnor Lover
Aww lovely chapter ending! I got worried when Carla shouted but I’m glad that Beatrice has started walking and the fact that Carla’s gone back to work is amazing I’m so proud of her as she was really worried about leaving her baby. Poor Beatrice having to go through the fireworks display at least she’ll be prepared for the New Year ones! I’m glad that we got to see how different Carla feels about Johnny and Roy and her relationships with them and I’m excited to see what happens next I never want this story to end xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8/22 c30 Guest
I’m glad Carlas back to where she belongs
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