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for Love between Engineers: The Journey Continues

5/6/2023 c21 GasparTheWraith
Hey, brother love the story... any plans on continuing?
2/16/2023 c21 nomercy58
Love this!
11/11/2022 c21 ivandundalov7
Well done!
11/7/2022 c21 sinjito
You got Raan and Xen mixed up here:

"We shall see, Commander. Many things are impossible until they are done," finished Raan, leaving the plaza. Shepard hated to admit it, but Xen's words were quite true. Lots of things throughout the course of history were considered impossible until someone proved otherwise.
11/4/2022 c20 ivandundalov7
Cant wait for the next chapter!
2/25/2022 c19 Vas Boshtet
Can't wait for it to continue!
11/24/2021 c16 Samps3975
been a while, hoping you update soon, really enjoying this series
9/12/2021 c10 Atomberry
I'm not much one to review but"I like the silence" is just perfect. from being uncomfortable with it due to the Flotilla to enjoying it, probably because she associates it with the Normandy, and thus, Shepard. you're a great writer
3/13/2021 c15 MrLodomir
Hey, good to see that you're back. Also, nice chapter, as always.
12/26/2020 c14 2gedoens
Thx for thr chapter and merry christmas ( hey, in my country its still christmas)
12/16/2020 c13 64Travezty
Now that was an adorable confession
11/30/2020 c13 Ulric of Astora
About time! This was nice.
11/29/2020 c13 MrLodomir
Hey, It's good to see the confession earlier than after Tali's trial, also you made that different than in game, more interesting and romantic.
11/28/2020 c13 Shadow Onyx 013
lovely confession between the two, and about damn time
11/28/2020 c13 2gedoens
Works out pretty nicely. Keep at it , your chapters are always an enjoyable read.
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