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1/25 c3 Guest
Idk if my other comment appeared or not, but I will write this again.
Current all might (in this chapter untill USJ) was identified as level 85 approximately, though he is way weaker than his prime. Current All might could be scaled from city to low island, while prime AFO and All might could be scaled to country or even continent, though the most possible scale would be around large island to country. It's just kinda weird to see that all might has a level that high at the moment, in his fight against kamino AFO (this dude used a copy of his own quirk...) he is even weaker than right now (city block to city). Seeing that Izuku will be stronger than prime all might in his own prime is kinda strange and cool (with only OFA, not even talking about other quirks). I mean, OFA buffs your physical strength, and teen Izuku couldn't compare to his pro hero version (pro hero would have more mass, muscle and experience, though with only first 2 he is already stronger with OFA than current Izuku). He would be scaled to country or continent (someone already scaled Izuku till season 6 and from films with his feats to big island/country/continent) with only OFA, I can't imagine to what he would be scaled to with his other quirks
1/24 c38 15Vanessa Masters
Galadriel, amazing! You got a 96!"

Galadriel was about to rip the paper but kept her cool. She wasn't going to act childish about some stupid test. "But I was amazing!" Galadriel whined silently as she was throwing a tantrum inside her mind. However, her inner monologue was soon cut short by the words being said by Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission.


Oh, no one is perfect gaaldriel, look, you got two days cleaning too, so there.

I gotta admit, in looking forward to seeing if Endeavor breaks off the 'engagement ' of her with shoto, or if she finds out, will she mail him?

Either way, the story keeps progressing.

And wonder how all will deal with All For One, Galadril shouldn't count him out just cause he's in Tartarus.
1/24 c39 4Alucard
Great update and I was so surprised you updated so soon.
1/24 c39 4Monster King
Awesome work
1/24 c39 AivaK
Woo hooo! ITS BACK BABY 10/10
1/23 c39 wolves567
Could have ainz make appears as galadriel grandfather is death itself lol
Love how everyone being played
1/23 c39 DwiAAziz18
1/23 c39 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
Very quick update.
1/23 c39 3RonaldM40196867
Mirio is so goofy.

Every quirk has a flaw.

Nejire asks way too many questions.

Tamaki makes me laugh.
1/23 c39 4hnh058513
I-Island? If that is the case Melissa would make a good future follower
1/22 c38 2Astorias Schnee
An Update!

pls next
1/22 c38 FrenzyInbound
LOL the demon empress gets grounded, got a good chuckle out of me.
1/22 c38 Guppy72
When Lupu betrays them it’s gonna be glorious
1/22 c38 4Alucard
Great chapter as always and I am glad you don’t do commissions because it would take away from the awesome work you do now
1/22 c38 rogue1Bois
haaa! am I the only one that saw that ending coming! Hahahaha!
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