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for Boku no Overlord

1h c27 Spacemonkey777
Have you read Solo Leveling? Have you thought of Solo Leveling x Overlord Crossover? I think it would be fun! Imagine! Demoness in the world where such species exist!
13h c27 wanderingwitchelaine
heh look forward to more, Naruto is good early not a fan of later, Bleach was OK, liked the manga better.
15h c27 1Yamicrbxl
Damn, this is good!

- PaulyThide
20h c27 biogust.45
In my humble opinion, forget about the Naruto and Bleach fandom, high toxicity and no reason, not to mention how they attack anyone who nerfs and modifies their protagonists:

Naruto was cool because anyone could die at the hands of anyone, just inattention (apart from the protagonists) was enough, then, with the introduction of more powerful opponents, this became unfeasible, so much so that it took a deus ex-machina to solve the mess.

Bleach, needless to say, nobody dies, practically to the last bow, the captains suffered no casualties, even though it was established that the opponents faced could kill them. It took Quincys with powers out of the ass and the power of protagonism to the fullest to solve the problem.

I advise going away from these two universes, mainly because of the hero complex and the need to be friends with everyone and saying his dream every 10 minutes (which I hated most about Naruto, Boruto I give up at firsts episodes) of its protagonists.
21h c27 SolSparda369
I’m hyped for what’s to come.
21h c27 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
10/22 c27 LordValmar
The excitement is real. Also, I'm quite interested to read your future Code Geass/Overlord fic. I hope you let us know in the next chapter's author's note if you release it - though I'll follow you just to be safe. Cheers~
10/22 c27 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
10/22 c27 1imortal333
Awww yeah, it’s Nazarick curbstomping time! I love these parts of Overlord fanfictions, more so when authors give them a good and proper buildup! Which is to say, you’ve done a great job building up this little show that Nazarick is going to put on!

Galadriel has successfully planted the seeds of corruption in Midoriya, he’s even questioning the need for permission to protect themselves from villains. I’m actually really excited for Galadriel to show her true self to her classmates and teachers, just like how I eagerly anticipate her reveal in your Harry Potter Crossovers!
10/22 c27 6Lucius Walker
Oh man, Izuku learns the darker truth about being a hero, and they're all putting on quite a show. Nice, nice.
10/22 c27 2Runeion
If you do make another story involving Galadriel could you make it in the Marvel universe?
10/22 c27 4Alucard
Another great chapter also I would like to say I love how you end your chapters, they are always so funny.
10/22 c27 SunlitOverdrive
Love the contrast between the Nazarick crew just acting and having fun and the My Hero crew fighting for lives. I'm curious to see how you handle the all for one encounter.
10/22 c27 Thristan
ain't though?!
10/22 c27 3RonaldM40196867
Deku is such a tease.

Lupu is always having fun in a fight.
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