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for Boku no Overlord

7/2 c45 fallenryoichi
bro i just had an idea

it'd be CRAZY if you wrote a House of the Dragon x Overlord crossover with galadriel reincarnated as rhaenyra or something like that. maybe when you have to have rhaenyra marry, albedo can take their spot like in "white wolf of winterfell"

you could give her a special dragon. imagine galadriel riding a white night fury or something like that.

i just think it'd be cool to have her do what she's doing in "white lion of the red keep" in the setting of House of the Dragon instead. getting the favor of the smallfolk and important players, slowly becoming OP to outside eyes. it'd be so dope, please think about it
7/1 c15 Andrewnot
I don't support midoriya
7/1 c4 Andrewnot
The protagonist is a bit stupid
6/14 c11 Guest
Another trashfic
6/14 c5 Guest
All of this appearing weak is annoying
6/14 c45 Stratos263
Good luck Galadriel
6/5 c45 Flamingtailspin
Awesome chapter
6/4 c45 For'Sleep 3rd
Thanks for the chapter

Well, if you said about ending... it's kinda cliches.
6/4 c45 marlastiano
6/4 c45 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
For ending is still too early to say yet. Need to wait for last one to come out.
6/4 c45 3RonaldM40196867
The Yakuza are old news.

I love watching Regina, Toga, and Twice.

This is my favorite chapter so far.
6/4 c45 laurialeandro1129
This final arc was "okay". What definitely ruined it were the fake deaths, (bk) it's fair to me that they didn't evangelize Shigaraki and Dabi.
but there is also the lack of consequences for the good guys which screwed it up quite a bit. With all that, my most optimistic rating is 8.05
6/4 c45 Random65
I the final battle with Izuku and Shigaraki i feel needed a few more panels to show Shigaraki let's just say turn to dust. Since the final explosion part felt abrupt. But probably when the anime gets to that part they'll add a few more frames. The epilogue i feel okay with, Izuku slowly losing away OFA i like. Since OFA and AFO quirks need to be let go so everyone else can live, survive, and move on. I feel that it's not fully done. Like I'm sure that there will be several epilogue chapters of Izuku and the rest of the cast in the future and how is everyone doing.
6/4 c45 Thristan
Not that there wasn't/isn't some good stuff to the anime
Just a lot of it was painful in the way it was handled
Thank you for handling it all better, only had to mix in an entirely different franchise to do it
Just like those that don't have to redo the entire franchise
6/4 c45 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue the story your doing fantastic
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