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3/20 c40 4Monster King
Awesome work
3/17 c39 Guest
No, please no ... let us have atleast one Paulythide fic that does not do only Yuri. Straight ships can work really really well for this fic.
3/17 c39 My p0ny ass
I swear if galadriel make out with any male students imma drop this fic T_T Yuri all the way
3/10 c39 Guest
Check other updated fanfics from author to see fanfic update order. Also I hope its not Hawaii. Though that would give a clear message on power, intention, and threat.
3/3 c39 Guest
Update when?

I have been waiting for a loooong time
2/26 c1 1Plasma Dragon 312
I’m just glad she made sure to not let Demiurge to use in on ent people or children in any of his experiments or at all. The Happy Farm is one of the most vile disgusting things in Nazarick.
2/26 c4 jockinjock7
honestly, this is a very disaapointing fanfic. expected something unique. but like, i have read at least 10 other fanfics with a similar character sketch, people who think they know everything better than everyone else. and that's exactly what happens here.

mc who has thought about heroism through comic books apparently knows more about heroism than a literal society existing with heroes for a long time. and plus her attitude is God aweful too. though i guess her idiotic attitude is understandable.

but the characters as in the MC is very subpar. extremely generic mc, idk why this is even a nazarick fanfic considering the same thing would have happened in a xianxia or wuxia novel.
2/25 c39 Stratos263
Better watch out for albedo
2/24 c38 Stratos263
Good luck to miss nazarick
2/24 c39 5DeadKing24712
Quite possibly one of the greatest stories I've read, even comparing it to the pjo series

You have quite the imagination to come up with all these plans and plot
It's like you're the female version of Ainz himself inserting yourself in these stories and doing what you would do.

I applaude you, whether you finish this story or not, I want you to know you've written a masterpiece, and I would not mind reading an original piece from you in the future.
2/24 c17 david.teague.3950
I just thought of something, Seed of Devotion that Galadriel used on Mina, might not fully work, or work at all on Izuku because of the other inheritors residing inside his Quirk.
2/7 c39 animewatcher
very nice, im enjoying reading this
1/25 c3 Guest
Idk if my other comment appeared or not, but I will write this again.
Current all might (in this chapter untill USJ) was identified as level 85 approximately, though he is way weaker than his prime. Current All might could be scaled from city to low island, while prime AFO and All might could be scaled to country or even continent, though the most possible scale would be around large island to country. It's just kinda weird to see that all might has a level that high at the moment, in his fight against kamino AFO (this dude used a copy of his own quirk...) he is even weaker than right now (city block to city). Seeing that Izuku will be stronger than prime all might in his own prime is kinda strange and cool (with only OFA, not even talking about other quirks). I mean, OFA buffs your physical strength, and teen Izuku couldn't compare to his pro hero version (pro hero would have more mass, muscle and experience, though with only first 2 he is already stronger with OFA than current Izuku). He would be scaled to country or continent (someone already scaled Izuku till season 6 and from films with his feats to big island/country/continent) with only OFA, I can't imagine to what he would be scaled to with his other quirks
1/24 c38 15Vanessa Masters
Galadriel, amazing! You got a 96!"

Galadriel was about to rip the paper but kept her cool. She wasn't going to act childish about some stupid test. "But I was amazing!" Galadriel whined silently as she was throwing a tantrum inside her mind. However, her inner monologue was soon cut short by the words being said by Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission.


Oh, no one is perfect gaaldriel, look, you got two days cleaning too, so there.

I gotta admit, in looking forward to seeing if Endeavor breaks off the 'engagement ' of her with shoto, or if she finds out, will she mail him?

Either way, the story keeps progressing.

And wonder how all will deal with All For One, Galadril shouldn't count him out just cause he's in Tartarus.
1/24 c39 4Alucard
Great update and I was so surprised you updated so soon.
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