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8/27 c1 12Irisviel101
This is a neat idea. I've never considered this side of Tsubasa, and it was interesting to see his profession affecting his social life like this. I really liked his and everyone else's characterizationespecially Masamune being observant but not being able to focus on it. That was cool.

All in all, this was a nice fic and I hope to see more from you.
7/29 c1 call.me.paul
Amazing how you were able not only to create another perspective to Tsubasa(gun under the pillow was one of my fav little details), but you actually embodied personalities of other characters as well! One of much better stories on this platform.
I would love to see you do this to other characters, especially Yuu and Madoka. Them along with Tsubasa needed some backstory and weren't given it in the anime, so I believe you have an idea for them. Cheers!
7/21 c1 Tilism
Oh this is wonderful. Tsubasa is one of my faves and I felt bad that he was so underused in Fury. Would love to have more of this. Plz continue if you have the time.

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