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for Mobile suit Gundam Aftermath

8/13/2020 c7 RoyalTwinFangs
Zeon can get one of those AI and use it for their own gains, like reprogramming them for their MS and MA.
8/12/2020 c7 4Dragon lord Syed 101
this was nice also the AIs got human sized bodies neat I wonder how it will change canon here overall I see the federation becoming more and more straight good guys here
8/12/2020 c7 8RedRat8
I do wonder though, with the POWs that the Earth Federation have, I wonder if any of them are going to form their own rebel groups or maybe just go back to Side III to help it recover or to help mitigate the damage done from the end of the One Year War or so.
8/12/2020 c7 1TheEmeraldMage
Well that was a nice successful reveal of the 2 new models. But why do I have the sneaking suspicion that things are going to go wrong. I mean this is gundam and things usually go wrong In gundam. I am with Tianem on this, I really hope things will continue to be good within the Federation. They are actually doing way better good then they usually do in Canon so once again a very good Short chapter. I had a feeling that that would have been the father of the woman who still had the most stupidest death out of all of the UC era characters but damn is she not hot, In a psycho zeon who wanted to sleep with Char kind of way. Also my friend or a friend of mine was having a bit of a rant about the UC era specifically how 0080 should not have happened or at least specific things should not have happened. But regardless, stay safe and healthy!
8/8/2020 c6 R reyes
legacy. legacy,,,,,,,,,,: :[, you dont mean dude it cant be doubt char would have done the deed when he was with lalah or a clone,,, or they got some of his,,,,, yeah things are about to go crazy if it is a clone have him take over or i dont know
8/8/2020 c6 nliochristou
so with this chapter you corfirm that Full Frontal will exist much earlier than in canon;
8/8/2020 c6 4Dragon lord Syed 101
god they're going make an AI Char Clone
8/8/2020 c6 RoyalTwinFangs
So a clone of Char then? M'Quve is one of the reason that Zeon lost the war, his mistakes where far reaching and disastrous. Can't see him changing even alive.
8/8/2020 c6 1TheEmeraldMage
Wow M'Quve is building an armada. I was wondering what happened to him after the war but apparently he was building an armada with a Karn who may or may not be related to a certain woman who died in the stupidest way ever. I could be wrong but glad to hear that at least one of the fallen members of Zeon is planning something. Good short chapter with some interesting things happening and as always stay healthy and safe!
8/8/2020 c6 8RedRat8
Oh so could M'Quve be responsible for the Full Frontal Project? Because I could see him doing that.
8/5/2020 c5 Guest
I wonder if Amuro and Chan will move back to Side 7/Green Noa when Zeta rolls around?
8/3/2020 c5 R reyes
i think a gundam ground type would be better for him or a gm command unit but a ground type that would be cool he never pilot on so he can see what it feels like from his other units and have it paint to his color
8/3/2020 c4 Guest
Them's the breaks people
8/2/2020 c5 R reyes
good to know that ahole getting whats coming to him also what will happen to marion will she finally be free or stay trap there and what will they will do with the unit 7 thought keep it in storage until its time and amuro use it again
8/2/2020 c5 nliochristou
So does that mean that the Titans won't exists; If so what about the charecters that they were part of it, will they still have roles( or at least similar) that they had on Zeta era or not;
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