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for Mobile suit Gundam Aftermath

7/23/2020 c2 R reyes
nice to see that the higher ups are not bickering like kids for what to do now. also is well good to see that ahole coliny was delt with but what of jamitov hope he doesn't do anything bad yet also what will become of the white base crew
7/23/2020 c2 RoyalTwinFangs
MAC guns then. The AEUG wouldn’t be getting advance weapons as easily as in canon.
7/23/2020 c2 nliochristou
Will Sayla get more of a role in the future, because i always hated the fact that after the end of first seiries she disapear, i mean the other white base grew members show up in Zeta, ZZ and Char's coonterattack. Don't you think that at least she will show up in Char's coonterattact when her brother was trying to youse Axis as meteor do destroy earth;
7/23/2020 c2 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Yes more political talk also nice to see that the AIs are getting more rights
7/23/2020 c2 8RedRat8
Ah, Zeon creates so many good stuff, but don't have the brains to use them properly.
7/22/2020 c1 Thekiller7
Now that I'm logged I can actually Fave and Follow this story
7/21/2020 c1 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Good chapter also Side 3 just got dumbed on yikes guess that respose for starting a war that killed half the planent
7/21/2020 c1 Guest
So will this story be interludes taking place between 79, 83 and the rest of UC?
7/21/2020 c1 RoyalTwinFangs
Interesting chapter. Also why give all of the MS to one company? That would give them a monopoly on the weapons production. AE was shown to be merchants of death and would sell to anyone on all sides. Competition is good that allows one to choose from multiple sources. Maybe have other companies developed their own MS line and you can use that to include other MS from other gundam series, like the Dagger series which are great multi-role MS with their striker packs.
7/21/2020 c1 8RedRat8
In War, some would say there's only the winners and the dead, but they also cannot forget the living losers as well. I wonder how dealing with the aftermath and the restructuring of the Earth Federation Military will go. Also I am curious if you intend to create a Mass production Mobile Suit based on the RX-78-7th Gundam.
7/21/2020 c1 Chris the Metis
Kind of bit Treaty of Versailles extreme I mean it mostly resulted in more conflicts should have at least more lenient as they just as being a victim like the Federation which fault heavily lie on Gihren, some extension to Kycilia and Degwin.
7/21/2020 c1 justinq719
I actually feel sorry for Side 3.
7/21/2020 c1 justinq719
Gihren really screwed over Side 3 with this his arrogance and megalomaniac decisions.
7/20/2020 c1 R reyes
cool chap been waiting for it. and its sad what will happen to them though also did Johnny had to die he was not a real bad guy just doing what his heart say he would have decided to leave with delaz once he saw how bad it was i know is not something he wouldn't do but he have a good head on his shoulders to know how bad things were man if i would have been him i just leave after the colony drop and g3 gas that was use
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