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for The Mother

7/22 c1 Waffle
Okay, First Great Job On This, Second I love how you wrote Jane and her interactions with Elizabeth, Third I totally understand the over thinking thing but if you are interested in (what I believe) is a true story is after Henry gave Jane a necklace Anne Boleyn accused her of parading it around (she was just walking) but long story short Anne slapped Jane and took the necklace before they both stormed out and Jane was very embarrassed and since they’re friends maybe Anne apologized before her death. Fourth don’t be ashamed if someone you looked up to did something bad. Look at the Hamilton fandom everyone in that show was, raciest, sexiest, homophobic or has killed someone (or all four). So if Jane didn’t know how to interact with a small girl whose mom she kinda replaced, it makes since. Sorry this review was so long but very few people talk about Six. Great job!

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