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for Close your eyes (Dream of me)

9/21 c6 Guest
Aww.. this is so cute.
9/15 c9 TheRaven809
These are good stories, it just seems your creative juices aren’t flowing enough. Try to make it seem more natural. Idk
9/15 c9 1PurpleBunny5540
I love it! But I can’t wait for the drama to start!
9/6 c8 11the8horcrux
Awesome chap
9/6 c8 Bella Quill
Wow, good chapter. And little Percy is so cute. Unpregnant. Ha Ha. The journal thing is a good idea.
9/5 c8 1PurpleBunny5540
Love it! Can’t wait til you get to the PJO story bits!
8/31 c6 Bella Quill
So, they are demigods right?
8/31 c7 Bella Quill
Wow I love this story. They are so adorable. I think Frederick would know about soulmates though, him being a history professor and all. But it is your story and your opinion of things. Continue writing, you are good at it.
8/29 c7 11the8horcrux
8/29 c7 1PurpleBunny5540
So cute! I love that chapter, brought a smile to my face, actually.. can’t wait for the next one. Your writing is amazing and I’m totally hooked!
8/25 c6 11the8horcrux
Cool! This was really interesting.
8/25 c5 the8horcrux
Ooooooooo fun!
8/23 c6 1PurpleBunny5540
I love it! Hope the next update came as fast as this one!
8/23 c5 PurpleBunny5540
Honestly, I think Percy should have been more careful lol... I can’t wait for the next chapter! Also, I love how you’re managing the mystery/excitement of it all. Can’t wait for the next update!
8/13 c4 11the8horcrux
This story looks really interesting, this chapter was a bit confusing though with the random POV switches you might want to make a line break or something to make it clear about when it’s happening.
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