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for Trails Of Cold Steel III - New Year, New Struggles

1/3 c19 Vent-Zxa
I already said this in your first Trail of Cold Steel story and I'm going to say it again... Some of the ideas I had is exactly what you put in. I was thinking about add that once I started making my own OC Trail of Cold Steel story. You beat me to the punch. Still it fantastic, best one I've ever read.

While I was reading this story, it look like it mostly involved around Alex instead of Rean, like he passed the torch of being the protagonist of the Cold Steel series to Alex and made himself as a secondary character instead. (For example: Trail of Cold Steel 1 and 2 is mostly about Rean, while Trail of Cold Steel 3 and 4 is mostly about Alex.) My mind kind of exploded when Princess Alfin planned that unexpected dance for Alex and Emma instead of following the actual story from that event.

I do have to say though, Alex has gotten a lot smarter than he was before. He a fast learner, quick to figure out what would happen next. Not only that, he learning a lot about the mysteries and secrets about Erebonia. Looks like Revelio made a huge impact in his life and studies. I wouldn't say he close to where both Emma and Gaius' level is, but he is learning a lot fast then the rest of Class VII.

I enjoyed the Crossbell Arc in the story. The double reunion, Alex returned home and showed everyone his crossbell pride. While reading the story, I can tell that Juna really admire Alex the same way how she admire the SSS. From my point of view, it almost looks like she was visualizing Alex as one of the member of the SSS when he tried to defend Crossbell from Ouroboros. Not only that, he showed potential to SSS themselves.

There's the part about the Dark Dragon, Revelio's pet. If the real dragon was powerful as they say it was since it have a fragment of Revelio's power, then Revelio's TRUE form must be a whole another level then both Alex and the dragon combined.

Lastly, the part about the Great Twilight. The 'fairy tale of the end' NOW has a nice ring to it since Revelio is connected to it. Alex, being Revelio's vessel has finally reached it climax. I wonder if Alex will be stuck in his demon form in the next story. Maybe he would look different than his usual form. I wonder if Class VII will be forced to fight Revelio TRUE form. Well whatever the case is, this is a pretty awesome story. Best one I ever read!
8/5/2020 c19 mysteryfriend16
Finally! I been waiting for this story to come out! And Oooh. I love the twist you did here. I can't wait for Trails of cold steel 4. When it comes out. Are you going to begin working at it or wait until you get the whole thing to understand?
7/25/2020 c19 RosyMiranto18
I gotta be honest here, while i know that the Ending of Cold Steel 3 is already infamously terrifying... You actually managed to make it even worse, because of the additional implication of what happened to Alex now. Even if the Great Twilight is get rid of in Cold Steel IV, there's little to no chance that this thing occuring wouldn't give Alex a chance to have a happy ending at all. Well, while the What-if of Alex ends up losing or giving up his Demon Power after CS IV to possibly save the World would be the most likely answer to have that happy ending, i fear that it wouldn't be the case of what will happen in the future... Plus, there's still Hajimari to think about as well so there's a lot of possibility that you still end up screwing Alex's fate in the end of CS IV, and i'm really want him to have a good ending past this.
In addition that the odds Osborne capturing Alex in addition to Rean instead of being secured by our heroes to the Hexen Village is also very scary.

On another note, in relation to how did Alex possibly end up related with Emperor Dreichels the Lionhart. Well... If you are currently thinking that Alex is a reincarnation of Dreichles... Then prepare to be disappointed. That's all i can warn you without spoiling too much.

Other than that, i guess i have no choice but to wait until... Like... Next year because i'm sure that you will not do the CSIV fic until you complete the English Version and finish the actual fic as well before releasing it within a span of few days. Anyway, i think that's all for now. I need to have a break from this killer of a cliffhanger. So... See you later next year on CSIV and Keep Update?
is Alex dying will be a better ending them him turning into Revelio, forever?
7/25/2020 c1 Duelist
Gotta say, been enjoying the series from your guy, Alex. And then pairing with Emma was also a nice choice. Waiting on bated breath for your stories and end of the series in October. I’ll be reading!
7/24/2020 c12 Abyss seeker777
Hmmm... Interesting.. We're getting close to the finale here... Though... And i don't know why this bothers me, but what does his soldat look like? Is it a small goliath or a big Drakkhen or Spiegel? Just curious... Anyway I've read all the other stories of this series and I'd like to say that Alex has been an interesting addition to the story of class VII and I like him as a character... Though I can't help but wonder how what role he'll play in the story of the end to come...? This outta be something to see. Keep up the great work!
7/22/2020 c2 Luzius1
Why do I smell another love interest for Alex?
7/21/2020 c1 Guest
I love it and I am look forward to Crossbell arc in CHapter 2 in this series and this so good.
7/21/2020 c2 57Martial Arts Master
I should really play the Trails games sometime; I had to look up how many games were in the Trails series, and there are a LOT; Cold Steel alone has 4 games now, and there are Trails games before and after it.

Since I haven't played the games yet I won't be able to fully appreciate your fanfic, but you're writing very well as usual.

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