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for Courage and Realization

9/4 c20 6dndkeg
We got some character development here hehe! Poor Agil and Klien though, that's something that will be taken to the grave XD

There are a few errors (Pointing out the Title of the Chapter being one of the more obvious ones) but other than that a really nice chapter overall! Stay safe and stay cool!

P.S. Reading this chapter makes me wonder if you're gonna make like one-shots/short stories like you did with Koharu and Kureha but with Phillia and Sinon since well they are UA stories... (though not sure if I should count the one with Koharu being a UA or not...)
8/24 c15 dndkeg
And here begins the main plotline of Realization... curious how things will turn out in the end. Either way a few spelling errors here and there, probably from autocorrect but I digress. I'll see you in the next one, stay safe out there and stay cool!
8/14 c11 dndkeg
And here we begin Hollow Realization... wonder what you're gonna be doing here. See you in the next one! Stay cool!
8/11 c10 2blee7442
wow. I really love this chapter. Honestly, Yuuki's one of my favorite characters in the series. I wasn't sure what you were going to do with her in the story. But, I'm happy with what I saw in this chapter. Can't wait to see the next chapter.
8/7 c8 1Gadget boy
I wonder if he will come along and meet Yukki with the Sleeping Knights in future chapters.
8/1 c5 6dndkeg
So we're starting to get into Mother's Rosario and Hollow Realization, very interesting indeed; though considering some of the cast in HR, pretty sure you're gonna change the cast a little bit or try to rationalize a few things. At least you had Jaymes pointed out Freya was a trap... but not the trap all the other girls were thinking initially until the boss fight XD.

Anyways I'll see you in the next one, stay cool!
7/31 c4 SAMx41
"Six Admiral Ackbars." Absolutely f-ing perfect.
7/31 c4 dndkeg
I'm honestly thinking once the big reveal of Freyja comes Jaymes might offhandedly say, "So she is a trap, but it was THAT kind of trap..." I really don't know why I just felt like someone should've commented on it, yet no one really did in canon. Anyways, I'll see you in the next one, stay cool!
7/27 c2 dndkeg
Was it weird that I was thinking that Jaymes would be pulling Sinon's tail instead of how it was in canon? No? Probably just me then XD

I'm curious if you're gonna alter canon a lot more with this or keep a few things the same considering who's in the lineup but time will tell I guess, see you in the next one, stay cool!
7/24 c2 2blee7442
A really good chapter. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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