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5/26 c84 HughJasz
I just marathoned this entire fic and I have to say this went from 0-100 real fast. The first few chapters had me think this was going to remain focused on the mob and politics in Gothem, but as time went on the scope just kept growing and growing beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Despite the growth I love the message you've interwoven into this latest arc, which is the reality that even though the scenery has changed, the underlying dynamics and themes remain the same. The scope may be way bigger, but the game is still what it was from the start with just mobsters and gangsters. It paints an interesting picture on everything and lets the reader view everything in a new light.

Virgil is such an interesting MC, and the supporting cast and all the girls are great additions as well. I was hesitant about the other crossover characters at first thinking they would take away from the DC narrative but they blend so well with the natural progression and somehow they aren't out of place at all.

I think the only thing that I felt was a bit wanting was Virgil's interactions with the girls. We get little personal scenes here and there, but I feel like there wasn't truly enough personal development between all of them and Virgil for us to get a grasp on the state of everyone relationship with one another since the focus is almost always on Virgil's businesses and schemes alone.

Brilliant work this fic so far and I'm absolutely looking forward to the last 6 chapters. I'm curious to see how this all ends because it doesn't seem like there is any limit to Virgil's ambition. I wonder if the endless will ever step in considering he name dropped them so long ago.
5/26 c84 ReyesGomez
Thanks for your work on this story, its sad to see the end in sight, but its been a blast to get to this point.
5/25 c84 Naruto420
The End is so soon. I like it as well as I don't like it that the end is here :)
5/25 c84 RuneFather
5/25 c84 5Soledge1
6 more weeks if you read it one chapter per week. hope he works on his spiderman story again soon.
5/25 c77 1Sum9
Holy shit... you clever bastard... so Vergil was... he was two egos at teh same time and never realized? I thought he was just trying to frame himself as innocent to escape the consequences but this? Does this open a whole new dimension on him? Or did I completely misunderstand what was happening?'

Either way you are a master of this art. My admiration.
5/25 c74 Sum9
Mmm Vergil chill. Figures they would move to undermine him during the transition of their plans with the Reach. But now? Well shit. Vergil really did have the right of them. Ghul and Vandal truly did act too much like idiots and peaked and now they will see why I'm sure.

It'll be fun to see what he does to fix this situation.
5/25 c84 vilgax
Great character, Sad to see that fics going to end though
5/25 c84 Terracotta Tortilla
Good chapter. A nice conclusion to the "Vergil VS the Light VS The Reach" arc. Darkseid is unfortunately a different beast and kind of dwarfs the worry of T O Morrow, The Olympian threats, and Savage still being alive.
5/25 c84 Roarasaurus
You never fail to impress me with how well you can create tension. Every time I reach the climax, you release a new chapter that builds on it and somehow feels just asor even moreepic without it feeling forced. How you do that again and again, I have no idea.
5/25 c1 Infinitevoid27
wait this is the final chapter
5/25 c84 Acetroyz
5/25 c84 Zabuza Momichi23
A very cool story to see unfold. Feels like I’ve seen so much growth through out
5/25 c84 TehStorm
Awesome chapter! I can't wait to see the aftermath of this and the league's reaction upon seeing that Vergil is unofficially, the king of earth and now everyone will play by HIS rules or be taken off the playground.
5/25 c84 M2R
huh, didn't know it would be this soon for the final chapter
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