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for See No Evil (Complete)

10/9/2023 c21 LennyFaceSupplier
10/9/2023 c21 LennyFaceSupplier
i love to imagine that superman is out there saving lives, and during it all, he is just listening to two people bicker back and forth about the pros and con of revealing batmans identity, while blatantly ignoring it all LOL.
9/11/2023 c1 RadicalHuman02
I knew I wasn't going going to enjoy this as soon as Tifa Lockhart got introduced and I was right. I get what you're trying to accomplish here but every writer has their limits. You bit off more than you can chew on this one, her character literally doesn't fit.
8/14/2023 c22 lx
honestly getting too much hypocrisy for me like there is a supervillain on his neck and instead of thinking how to kill him as fast as possible this idiot of mc is thinking about an unknown girl, this is getting too much
8/5/2023 c1 Zeroexe103
hey this story is good. this is my 5th time reading this. does anyone know of similar fanfics? if so please dm me.
7/29/2023 c5 3maskedkeeper
Been reading your stories, pretty good stuff.

For this story I'll probably drop ,a good story but that warning in chapter one is probably why I can't finish it. I'm seeing the mc interact with a character but a small voice is reminding me that obviously this harem and more girls will appear with time. Obviously for those who like harems, this story seems great as the plot so far was good but I can't enjoy the development between them when I already know he is going to be getting them all.
7/29/2023 c90 cixelsyd758
I dont think there has ever been a story fanfic or not that i have enjoyed as much as this one. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories and wish you the best of luck in your writing career.
7/24/2023 c90 Gilgardia
I don't even know how to describe this story. Simply amazing. Thank you for all the effort put into it.
7/13/2023 c90 Zero
Now this is how you write a self insert.
Good job kiddo.
7/13/2023 c65 Zero
If one day DC give batman an end i wouldnt mind its like this one.
7/13/2023 c64 Zero
You absolute madlad.
7/13/2023 c61 Zero
7/11/2023 c47 Zero
7/11/2023 c39 Zero
Miranda lawson an d 2B.
You have some tastes, dont you ?
7/11/2023 c36 Zero
If the court of owls is here...
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