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for See No Evil (Complete)

7/6/2022 c90 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
I really hope that this will get a sequel. Going forward with new plots as gods sound simply too good.
7/6/2022 c90 llat-2
I am glad I lived to see the end of this fic. Thanks for the fun ride.
7/6/2022 c90 TheSystemFan
Congrats on completion of this fanfic. And eagerly waiting for next ones. Also in the witcher fanfic will the mc be an SI or OC or SI/OC(my favorite type of mc's).
7/6/2022 c90 vilgax
One of the best fics ever. Great work.
7/6/2022 c90 RandomStoryReader
Congrats on finishing your story. Definitely something I’ll read again from time to time. I look forward to reading your CK story in the future.
7/6/2022 c90 9Oghenevwogaga
7/6/2022 c90 lethargic dream
Incredible story man. Well done!
7/6/2022 c90 5JustSpaced
Been following this story since ch. 30 or so, and god it’s been a ride. I’m so happy yet so sad to see it go.

Virgil may be my favorite character in nearly any story, at least when it comes to being a badass and having moral ambiguity. He wasn’t a badass in the way it’s so often portrayed, a powerful figure doing cool stuff because he can, but rather someone who so consistently worked against the odds and just barely succeeded that I couldn’t help but always root for him, and it’s often difficult for me to root actually for protagonists.

I know you said you’re disappointed or something of that sort with how fast he gained power in the end, but personally I felt it was very justified. The story was always about breaking my free of the Penguin, since the chapter that he got that debt, and once he did that I was very satiated with his progress and struggle and felt it was just a matter of time before he applied the lessons he learned from working under Cobblepot to great effect everywhere, and that’s what happened.

Frankly, Cobblepot was the perfect antagonist, he was Virgil’s ruthlessness and greed untempered by his care of the people around him and morality, and despite that I couldn’t help but love him as a villain and character.

This story is my favorite fanfic, and for damn good reason. Thanks for finishing it, I’ve loved the ride
7/6/2022 c90 Jaleel Hull
Thank you for writing this... I started this story when it was at chapter 44 I think... Made me look forward to the update every week
7/6/2022 c90 PeterPanCuffinThoseHands
thanks for writing man what a fucking story well done
7/6/2022 c90 11Darkscythe Drake
And thats all folks! thanks for the wild ride!
6/29/2022 c89 Guest
Having your conscience controlling multiple bodies spread in the multiverse must be trippy as hell
6/30/2022 c89 RuneFather
6/30/2022 c89 marcmanalili132
ok I thought this was the last chapter
6/29/2022 c1 2BadReader
Definitely prefer Gone Native but this is still entertaining.
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