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for See No Evil (Complete)

7/11/2023 c30 Zero
Uh oh.
7/10/2023 c22 Zero
A cultist empowered by magical cocaine.
Now that is original.
7/10/2023 c21 Zero
Hi cass !
7/10/2023 c19 Zero
So... a spy.
7/10/2023 c13 Zero
Such a way of introducing Revy in DC.
Well done.
7/9/2023 c12 Zero
Revy and Tifa.
The brawler and the gunslinger.
Now that is a mix.
7/9/2023 c8 Zero
Now this looks good.
A grey morally MC .
Its nothing new but you made it interesting.
7/6/2023 c90 2Maecain
9/10 story.

as was mentioned in the A/N after the story ended, it felt like last ~40 chapters were not necessarily rushed, but the focus was primarily on Vergil. At times, it felt like Tifa, 2, R, M and C are side characters. this primarily applies to 2, C, R and M, whose stories before/during arrival of Vergil were ignored/forgotten. Especially the relationship between 2 and Vergil.

overall, this story is amazing.
7/3/2023 c88 Angular Glass
You don't know what a yrant is. Modern use really screwed the pooch on this one. The ruled decide if a ruler is legitimate. Conquerors are not tyrants, they won. Dictators may be, or may not be. Evil / to tyrant.

For example Mao wasn't a tyrant. Guy was a piece of filth, but not a tyrant. Saddam Husein, again not a tyrant. Its just the governmental version of calling someone a Nazi.

"We attack your legitimacy because we don't like X" is what tyrant means now.
6/27/2023 c90 vmage2
If you do a New Game version of the story, do you have any plans for where they end up or would it just be another DC universe?
6/2/2023 c81 14RedKnight21
You should have a fourth lawyer, Harvey Specter.
5/14/2023 c2 Guest
pretty ok
5/14/2023 c90 3Darth Vegan99
I have read dozens of completed and incomplete Self-Insert and OC centric fics since the middle of 2016. I have read dozens of millions of worth in fics, from across multiple fandoms that offer their own perspective and unique pull. yet i have to say, sir, this story is easily One of the Best I've found in the internet. Well done, you may not be Vergil himself, but you've left your marks and lasting impressions in the back of my mind.
5/13/2023 c81 Darth Vegan99
5/12/2023 c23 Darth Vegan99
This chapter is hilarious I LOVE IT
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