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for See No Evil (Complete)

12/20/2022 c12 Killerpickle
I’ve reread this story a few times and some of the flaws are really apparent now, such as well Tifa’s character in this entirely.

Why does Tifa care about Vergil so much, personally as they’ve really just met and are strangers, yes he did save her but she doesn’t know him or should care about him so much as a person/friend
12/8/2022 c4 Guest
his so fucking weak and a child
12/4/2022 c90 4Tolreve Fodrol
Can they visit FF-verse and help there?
11/27/2022 c23 JKingSniper
Snowflame is wonderful cocaine god
11/27/2022 c90 JKingSniper
Best ending with immortal harem
11/27/2022 c88 JKingSniper
One of the best scenes ever
11/16/2022 c90 Fuck Names
Nice story bruv.
11/16/2022 c88 Fuck Names
Bruh what the fuck
11/15/2022 c85 Fuck Names
11/15/2022 c83 Fuck Names
Game. Set. Match. Rest in pieces, Lex Luthor, you pile of shit.
11/15/2022 c82 Fuck Names
Saul Goodman lmfao.
11/15/2022 c80 Fuck Names
11/15/2022 c77 Fuck Names
Wow. Well done author. I'm completely flabbergasted and shocked. I did not see this coming at all. Fair fucking play to Vergil as well for hatching a scheme like this - ruthless and pragmatic but at great risk to himself. Now the counter attack begins. I'm a bit confused after reading the AN at the end though. I thought he deliberately made it seem like he was mind controlled but after reading the AN, he actually was? I'm really confused now.
11/15/2022 c76 Fuck Names
11/15/2022 c75 Fuck Names
Okay What The Fuck. He's fucked. Utterly.
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