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10/1 c6 CrystalVixen93
Love your story and can't wait to see what happens next so I hope you update again soon plz
9/20 c6 4Originals101
Love it.
9/20 c6 MoonLake13
So she has Hayley's memories?
9/16 c5 2PrettyStarsInTheSky
I think klaus and Hayley should be together for this sorry as it is a ‘different’ person that is Hayley
9/13 c5 Guest
9/10 c5 DBZfan45
My "little Wolf" is back and while some things are same, small changes are minor for us. The Si Hayley is fun and sarcastic to be around with a new wrinkle in the Originial's plot should be fun. Have you read "The Survivor " and " Im Hope Mikealson" fics they are some good fics too. love to see more character interactions and change some major cannon clusterfucks if you can! Cheers!
9/9 c5 4Lavendor Queen
Yeah there’s really not a lot to change in the first few eps really apart from really minor things honestly or if you were going to do a fic where the Oc decided to go completely off script and ruin the whole plot for the whole show. Again though I’m excited to see more and I’m happy for the response. Can’t wait to see Hayley’s breakdown and how the others react to it (if they’re around when it happens, I hope Klaus at least is).
9/9 c5 1Padfoot789
Great chapter! I am looking forward too some Klaus/Hayley!
9/9 c5 4Originals101
Love it.
9/9 c5 3Nameless Angel 00
I am Team Klaus LMFAO god's that makes me sound like those teens that we're fighting over Edward and Jacob *gag*
9/2 c4 4Lavendor Queen
Not the biggest fan of the beginning but I’m interested to see where this goes and how it’s going to change. I would expect a minor freak out from Hayley as she changed worlds and left everything behind whilst additionally becoming unexpectedly pregnant. Also, whilst I know it’s only the start, I’m kinda sad from the lack of changes made so far but again, it is only the beginning. Excited to see what else happens
8/12 c4 Haley tuttle
Klaus and Hayley romance!
8/11 c4 Haley tuttle
I want Klaus and Hayley romance please
8/11 c4 Haley tuttle
Klaus and Hayley romance please.
8/10 c4 Haley tuttle
Or Klaus and Hayley romance please
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