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8/11 c4 Haley tuttle
I want Klaus and Hayley romance please
8/11 c4 Haley tuttle
Klaus and Hayley romance please.
8/10 c4 Haley tuttle
Or Klaus and Hayley romance please
8/12 c4 gabriellesantos2404
continue please
8/9 c4 DBZfan45
I 'm so glad you went back to updating this fic. So Elijah got daggered forgot about that part,

So Rebecca arrived and things are getting hectic already ,everything is still in the initial chapters and Hayley is making friends with rest of the Michaelson's and Marcel's crew make an appearance and Klaus and Hayley have nice late talk which is good. Now everyone can be on the same page and
let's buckle up for the first season of the" Original" drama with a new !
8/9 c4 1Padfoot789
OMG! I LOVE IT! I am hoping Hayley and Klaus get together!
8/6 c3 Guest

8/5 c3 MoonLake13
Can you please pair her with Klaus?
8/4 c1 Arionna O'Driscoll
Love this already!
7/29 c3 boi
When is the next chapter
7/25 c3 Haley tuttle
I love it. I want Klaus and Allison romance please.
7/25 c3 DBZfan45
A Hayley SI you have my interest piqued, not too many of those around like to see were going with this I know some things will stay cannon but with twists involved with the new Hayley, She will keep the Original brother's on their toes till Hope is born. While Hayley didn't make the best decision's, she loved her daughter. Like to see what your SI can do to make it better. Regarding the pairing I think Elijah will make a good impression they did have good chemistry in the show she has to just build up her rapport with Elijah more so than Hayley did , Klaus is stilltransitioning into being a father at moment so that will take time for him to warm up back to her. Don't drop this fic and keep posting. Catch ya later!
7/25 c3 Anna
Love it! I look forward to see if she will give hints about the future and thus changing things for the better.
7/24 c2 Haley tuttle
Wow I love it. I want Allison and Klaus romance please. So get more chapter. Thanks
7/24 c2 Guest
Please continue
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