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2/6 c2 7Mysteryfan17
Lila getting it ALWAY makes me smile. I will sleep with a grin on my face. Night.
1/22 c2 Guest
I like this mildly more aggressive Mari
12/24/2021 c2 SunPho3n1x
So great!
9/23/2021 c2 RubyHummingbird
Lila getting her just desserts is always a treat, thank you for this wonderful fic.
7/12/2021 c2 IarIz
yep xD that the type of box Marinette should have. xD with bear trap hahaha
this is a good read. xD
and seeing Lila suffer is always good.
6/21/2021 c2 James-is-a-Fanboy
damn it i thought lila's hand or fingers got chopped off kakegurui s2 style... or kaiji style? I'm pretty sure some fingers are lost in kaiji
6/3/2021 c2 1Aikanamintariansha
More! Please?
5/31/2021 c2 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Got an idea for an added chapter here. Adrien as chat noir manages by blind luck to find the box and curiosity drags him to explore it. Marinette manages to stop chat before he activates any traps and explains the why’s and how’s of the trap so he doesn’t injure himself.
5/24/2021 c2 khisee
That’s what she gets. Awww i wanted the knife to go through her stomach. Never mess with Marinette
4/29/2021 c2 1miraculouspegasus5
2/17/2021 c2 Guest
I love this story, marinette is so crafty! Good job!
2/19/2021 c2 SapphireKiddTaeyeon
this is wonderful, still, I wish there was some insight into her friends', Lila, and the police investigation reaction
10/19/2020 c2 6Master Jarrus
okay I know this is the end and I respect that but if an epilogue about her classmates finding out about Lila's arm just showed up out of the blue I certainly will not be complaining
10/16/2020 c2 5Daniel Letchford
I find Alya annoying sometimes... I mean really! She blinder than a bat!
10/15/2020 c2 1geekqueen2010
This chapter was worth the wait! Ha! Lila gets her just desserts! Her parents let her keep the box! Will there be a one-shot where Gabriel dies from the poison?
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