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4/22 c38 Guest
This story is just- chef's kiss. I hope you update soon
4/22 c28 Guest
Way to go Kim!
4/22 c24 Guest
Ngl I would've bolted when Jared took his shirt off, idc if he was my crush. They should've brought Emily, another girl's presence would calm her somehow
4/22 c23 Guest
Ahh this is so good, the way Paul wanted to help Jared tell Kim
4/22 c19 Guest
I love that the time setting is modern. And the bridgerton reference lol
4/22 c17 Guest
Ugh finally! I really like the way you build your story, the background before the imprint happens. And when it happens it's so satisfying
4/22 c2 Guest
I love the Harry Potter references, and I remember when my friends knew about my crush back in the day, so embarrassing!
4/22 c1 Guest
I'm not native English speaker too and I think your English is very good.
I love the story already!
3/13 c4 1Dorea McH
I have to say I was reading this story forever ago, lost my login, found it again, got the notification for chapter like 37 but I don't know where I stopped so I started it all again and I remmeber why I had the notification on ! I just love the Kim/Paul dynamic that I hope/think I remmeber turns into a friendship
Love your writing
2/4 c36 2Scarlette Winter
Love this story so much! Hoping for an update soon
7/13/2023 c34 3deator11
Looooove this! I recently started getting notifications again and was so hapoy to see this and realize you were still writing! I loved this story when it first came ojr and loce it even more now! Thanks for writing and cant wait to see how jared tells her about the imprint
2/25/2023 c32 Sparkle15
Smooth, Jared. Real smooth. Ah hah! At least he has another chance to spend time with her. Omg Embry was hilarious! Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/23/2023 c32 1sparkling unicorn
Wait has Paul not told Jared about Kim’s crush? Not that I’m doubting his friendship but I can’t imagine keeping that off the paired-brain. Loved this chapter! Glad Jared finally told Kim he liked her very cute
1/31/2023 c31 Sparkle15
Omg Jared really went there with the Miss Congeniality line haha! Embry was right about Jared but then again, they’re all teenagers finding their way. Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/30/2023 c31 Twin68
Loved it. That’s was an awesome chapter. And I still think Kim can still be stronger than you are making her. She is an imprint and they have to be strong for their wolfs. Till next time my friend. You can be strong and weak also
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