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for RWBY Watches Hunters of Justice

6/9 c6 Alcatraz
Like your story, keep up the good work.
But please give Harriet karma, she is very frustrating.
6/9 c6 Guest
Doing all 60 chapters?
5/27 c1 Guest
I really hope you aren't done with this story because it has a lot of potential and the idea of the villains in the audience is actually pretty cool that is all I have to say good luck and be safe.
5/24 c6 iRaTeD x VeNoM
Amazing work so far:) could you please add salem and the other villains to the audience, it'd be interesting to see salem's reaction to earth, the league and especially darkseid (who our characters learn more about in the next chapter), it would also be fun to see cinder's jealous reaction to how powerful earth's heroes are.
5/23 c2 Gtran
English is the easiest language in the world so why in the heck are you so full of grammaatical errors? Are you retarded?
5/11 c6 1LeannaHime
Please update soon.
5/6 c6 bossboss
I really enjoyed it this amazing story. can't wait for an update on wher it goes
4/26 c6 Guest
I wanted to see more of that story keep up with the good work.
4/20 c6 Yukianne72005
please update soon on this please i want to see more!
4/6 c6 Guest
When do you update this story?
3/19 c1 a8
more chapters
3/1 c6 Guest
By the way will this story next after the RWBY/Justice League graphic novel comes out? Not to mention to see Ironwood change his way that he won’t be a villain in Volume 8? Not to mention to add Whitley, Happy Huntresses, Team SSSN, and Team CFVY? That would be interesting. Keep up with the good work.
3/1 c6 Guest
My idea to explain the origin of the Dragon God that gave rise to the two brother gods of Remmant. Long ago before this began its march the universe was a chaotic void full of darkness and death ruled by Nekron.

Until one day a platinum white spark illuminated all existence yet to be born from which Entity and the life in the cosmos emerged. Nekron saw them as invaders and sought to kill them with his scythe (a materialized version of the anti-life equation) and they fought for a long time until Nekron was locked in the limits of the beyond but not before damaging the Entity that was divided into seven fragments which would be known as the emotional electromagnetic spectrum.

From that clash of powers beyond our comprehension, the Dragon God emerged from a heap of energy.

Basically the silver-eyed warriors invoke with their eyes the original spark that gave rise to the light and life of the cosmos that burned the original darkness.
2/21 c6 17enCRYPTion5461
Huh, I might have to check the actual story out, I just found this one by accident, never even knew about Hunters of Justice and holy crap is it long. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this reaction fic in the future.
2/13 c6 Guest
I wait for Ozpin's reaction to see that the Justice League has managed to defeat gods like Ares, Darkseid and Trigon by being honest with each other and with the rest of the world.
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