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7/15 c1 12Purplehyena01
It is rare that I find a fanfic of this caliber. A story I want to read over and over again and never get bored. Very well written, lots of twists, and the emotional scenes are great. Well done, good sir or ma'am.
5/25 c11 Miles
I just wanted to say you have some pretty good writing skills in terms of creating depth of character in original ways while maintaining at the core who the characters are. I really like this story and just began re-reading it again. Hope you’re well and have a great summer
8/18/2022 c30 LasorEyes
I loved this I wish you'd do a sequel with more action tho
2/7/2022 c30 Just a Guest
Whoops, I realized I forgot to mention earlier one more thing that slightly concerned me about this depiction of Alastor, although please don't get me wrong—the way you wrote him absolutely captivated his personality, his wit, his charm, his sexuality, just everything about him felt so accurate and on point with his character!

However, I guess I personally am not a fan of 'love solves all', and the fact that in this story, Alastor has done nothing too sinister...hmm, well, it doesn't quite sit right with me for some reason. I cannot express how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this slow blossoming relationship, from both sides, it felt authentic for each and every character involved.

Yet, I suppose I don't believe that Alastor would completely change his ways and just switch to a gentle loving good samaritan—to Charlie, I could see, but everyone else? Sure, he's begun to respect the others living at the hotel, only what of those filthy wretch outside? He's a serial killer, and a cannibal. I can't imagine those tremendous parts of him that are decades engraved into him would just vanish all because he fell in love.

That is somewhat concerning to me, the idea that one simply needs to love a serial killer for them to not continue being a serial killer.

So! To remedy that, I suggest he would be doing it on the downlow, perhaps not even as much, or maybe not even aware that Charlie would be against it seeing as they haven't discussed much about his personal hobbies away from the hotel, but once Charlie catches him red-handed, a lover's spat would ensue. She knows who he is and what he's capable of, yes, but is she actually aware? People can tell you how scary a rollercoaster is all they'd like, but until you're on it yourself, you don't feel that same amount of fear. And how can she morally agree to stand idly by while her own lover is torturing her people? I really would love to see that sort of drama-fueled interaction written by you as well as many more.

Forgive me for seeming pushy, I just cannot get these ideas out of my head and find great joy in bouncing them off. I have so much to think about now and so much to replay in my head thanks to you.

Yet again, thank you, to you and your editor and anyone else who may have helped you or inspired you. Thank you so very much.
2/7/2022 c30 Just a Guest
From the start, I tried to space out this story upon reading, I truly did, because I could instantly see I found a gem, but still I finished it in only 2 days. I couldn't help myself with how badly I yearned to keep reading. And what a beautiful work of art it was. You managed to capture each character so brilliantly, I almost regret reading this as now no other story of Hazbin Hotel will do them justice. And what a shame that is, seeing as I happened to start with your story first! Oh well.

I chuckled here and there, I teared up every so often, I squealed with girlish excitement, I caught my breath in my throat with nervous anticipation. I was captivated from the very beginning!

There were a few grammar errors I noticed, but nothing that would deter my interest. Your writing style is fantastic, and I applaud your editor. From the sincerity of my heart, thank you both so, so very much for this inspirational masterpiece.

If I had to express anything negative for this story, it would simply be lack of action, although it definitely captured a wonderful slice of life genre, which normally I'm not fond of. However, you did it perfectly in my opinion. And the slow burning romance was to die for! It felt so real, I was so immersed in this story and so in love with these characters.

I will be recommending this story to all of my Hazbin Hotel friends. I do wish there'd be a sequel. Preferably one with more conflict and action, or at least with a worthy rating of rated M, such as a long-awaited-awkward-yet-passionate night of intimacy for Charlastor, for the one we did get wasn't enough to satisfy my insatiable shipping needs, yet was so worthwhile all the same.

I'm still a bit puzzled as to why you wrote her parents disowning her all vaguely and mysteriously the way you did, as if it would lead to a big buildup of sorts, so I am somewhat disappointed that nothing came from it. I had wanted her to eventually confront her parents, whether in hearing their opinion or her standing up for herself.

Still, the sear fact alone of how accurately you depicted each character individually is something to marvel at. I was here simply for shameless Charlastor—yet you had me more than interested to read entire chapters of Husk alone!

Also, I admit, I thought the Vaggie-sleeping-in-all-the-time was going down a different route as well. Possibly from her secretly up all night studying about Alastor or learning her own sort of witchcraft to rival him. I thought it would be interesting to see her as a villain, but perhaps a misguided one, believing Alastor to have deceived Charlie or used his voodoo on her to put her under a spell, and Vaggie would feel as though she had to 'save' Charlie. My mind ran wild with possibilities, but again that's because I'm not used to slice of life stories.

This was a good note to end the story on, only I'd be lying if I said I wasn't desperate for a sequel or epilogue from you. Please do consider one if you have the time. Your talents are much appreciated.

After all, there's so many possibilities! Why, just because the angels didn't immediately agree to a radical controversial new proposal a mysterious angel-speaking demon suddenly sprang upon them doesn't mean they won't ever!

Truth be told, just seeing more interactions between characters from you would be a blessing. Husk's story intrigued me, it made me question what I myself would have done in his fiancée's situation. I came to the conclusion that in my eyes she's a B!tch. He sold his soul to save her life after trying every other possibility—and she ditches him? Part of me understands why, part of me cannot fathom it. I would be angry, worried, concerned, and saddened so unbelievingly so for my significant other, and my first instinct would be to contact that very same demon and try to nullify the deal they made, giving back my life to save his soul. If one could even do that. I love how you had me thinking such things! 'What if it were me in that situation?' You made me feel and wonder.

Back on topic to Husk, though. He seemed to blame Alastor for his love leaving him. I am deeply curious and confused as to what their relationship actually is. Husk fears Alastor and also respects him, but shouldn't he hate him as well? Shouldn't he confront him about his concern of what the curse may or may not have done, now that Alastor has shown a softer side? Shouldn't Alastor in turn, now understand the value of a lover, and realize Husk's pain of having lost one?

And a friendship between Vaggie, Angel and Cherri! Oh I would love to see how you work that dynamic. Maybe now that Angel is becoming more of a genuine, good person, he becomes more of a third wheel while Cherri's chaotic self rubs off on bitter, lonely Vaggie, who's new crush most likely doesn't return her feelings. Cherri and Vaggie would certainly make an interestingly dangerous duo. Whether romantically or not, I think they could build off each other.

Of course, more shameless Charlastor interactions would be welcomed wholeheartedly as well... For instance, them diving more fully into his past.

My, and your attention to detail and backgrounds, I haven't even mentioned that. Whenever Charlie was inside that dingy old thrift store, I felt like I was inside that dingy old thrift store, hearing and feeling everything she did. Ugh, as well as choking on all that dust. How delightful!

I seem to have much to say, although I'll leave it at this.

Thank you once more. I will be rereading this story for many days to come.
7/5/2021 c30 Guest
One of the best hazbin fanfics I've ever read. I hope in the future you make a sequel I absolutely love it thank you for this
7/2/2021 c25 Guest
I'm in love with how you did this chapter and for alastor especially it's wonderful. I love this story so much
5/23/2021 c30 Guest
Very sweet. I enjoyed it! But you do have a slightly irksome habit of repeating some variation of 'it took a long time, but it was really only a second.'. You do have some re-read errors, but I liked the way you treated Al's asexuality. Respectful
4/1/2021 c30 33DarkSorcerer888
Damn, it's over already? Not gonna lie, I was hoping that you'd have had something set off the succubus mode that you gave Charlie. It would have been funny to see how Alastor would have dealt with that one.
3/11/2021 c30 Macaley
This was truly amazing. I love how well written all of the characters were, the slow burning romance that was perfectly written, and how drawn into the story I got. This was one of the most amazing fics I've ever read, and I will likely be back re-reading it in the future just to relive all of the feelings it gave me.
2/17/2021 c30 10Akire Rosales
I read it all in 3 days.

Three days sleeping late! I have heavy bags under My eyes because of all the spent hours reading! Well thats My own fault xD reading at night until 5am, but I just couldnt turn it down!

It was so well written, very well paced, the scenes were perfectly romantic without turning sappy, the plot kept me on my toes, and I am just a sucker for romance drama. My favorite scenes were when they both danced for the first time, and the first bed scene after Charlie woke up. I actually going to re-read all that again.

Please write more Charlastor! Is my guilty pleasure and there seems to be very little quality stories of them around. Alas! Youve inspired me to try a one-shot. It won't be romantic at all, but hell I wanna write about HH now.

This goes inmediately to my favorites. Don't stop writing about HH! You are very talented!
2/3/2021 c30 7RedHood001
Oooooooh, okay.

Aww, I am so bummed out that this is the end. Thank YOU for blessing us all with this wonderful story. I actually like how things ended on a sort of positive note. The Hotel is gonna become a sort of Continental like in John Wick, I suppose.

1/31/2021 c30 30DWAR
Was a great story. You did a marvelous job of portraying the characters. wished that we could have gotten a scene with Charlie's parents, or Cherri Bomb, but apart from that...well done.
1/29/2021 c29 pepe4c
more more more
1/28/2021 c29 1Vipermoon878
why not as god threw prayer
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