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9/12 c7 Guest
Hi great story. But I wonder if you are pairing spidy with loona or if there will be a story of your own with the two of them? would be cool.
Keep it up
9/3 c7 p6lishb6kser
I liked it far more than I thought I would, it's really good, I'll follow
8/27 c7 JustSomeBody
Here the comment i found on youtube

Majora's Mask is a dark and mysterious story. The constant theme of doom as the moon draws ever closer is apparent in almost everything in the game- from the main story to even the sidequests Link must do to aid the inhabitants, many of whom are either in denial or acceptance of their terrible fate.
Majora's Mask is, in my opinion, a perfect sequel to Ocarina of Time as it expands upon Link's character arc. Link may be a silent protagonist, but his subtle growth as a character is there from the prequel. In the coming of age adventure that is Ocarina of Time, we see Link grow from an innocent child on a lighthearted adventure to a hardened grown man tasked with defeating a great evil. His growth is further confirmed by Kaepora Gaebora, who tells him toward the end of the adventure, "Link, you fully matured as an adult."
Even though he travels back in time, Link is an experienced and very capable warrior by the time he enters Termina. In Termina, Link is an outsider. On his quest in Termina, he no longer receives aid and encouragement from close friends. He can no longer return to his home in Kokiri Forest like in Ocarina of Time. He is almost entirely alone, and time is both his greatest ally and his worst enemy.
And yet, despite the fact that his mission to save Termina is seemingly even more daunting than his adventure in Hyrule, the Hero of Time never gives up. He has greatly matured from his last adventure and is prepared to do whatever he must to save yet another land from doom. This time, Link's experiences and interactions with the character are more personal. Whilst in Ocarina of Time, he was a great hero there to defeat the main evil and save everyone, in Majora's Mask he soon finds it is impossible to save everyone like before. In many of the sidequests in Termina, he learns about many individual characters' backstories, and he must be there to help them in their final hours. He witnesses first-hand the tragic inevitability of death- whether it be watching as a Zora musician sings away his regrets before passing or hearing the ghost of a deceased Goron hero lament about how he failed to save his own people. Link must save this strange land by completing the temples as usual, but he also must play the Song of Healing to heal these souls of the dead, which is a duty that holds far greater gravity than anything he had done in his previous adventure. Through being there to help the remaining inhabitants in their final moments cope with their fate and through helping the deceased souls be free from their suffering, Link perhaps learns something that his adventure in Hyrule would have never taught him- being a hero does not always mean just saving everyone from the villian. Sometimes a hero cannot save everyone. Sometimes the best a hero can do is listen and be there for others in their darkest moments.
The subtle lessons Majora's Mask can teach us are a testament to the greatness of this game's story and atmosphere, as well as its introspective nature and its deeper themes. No other Zelda game, in my opinion, can match or surpass the deep and sober tone that this game gives, which makes it all the more special. I can only hope that perhaps Nintendo can revisit these themes once more in Breath of the Wild's seemingly darker sequel.

Also i wanna share the videos i know so here.

1. The Fierce Deity Unmasked- Zelda Theory by Zeltik.
Check out its channel its interesting explains abo it zelda theory and stuff

2. Ocarina of time - A masterpiece in subtext By Goodwood
He did great job explaining the story itself.

3. Majora Mask - Terrible Fate by Embrr lab.
I remember watching this at 9 or 10

4. Majora's Mask- rebirth by corshell

5. A timeless lullaby- Legend of Zelda Animation by MajorLink
The animator of this did really great job of the expression of link cause he didn't really show emotion in original game but his aniamtion did.

6. Always with me - A Zelda aniamtion MajorLink

7. Behide the Mask - A Zelda Animation By MajorLink

8. Which link is the strongest by Zeltik

9. The Terrifiying powers of Master Sword by Zeltik

Thats it and also I wanna share this fanart i looking at Twitter but i will give the name of it.

[Layeyes Fierce Deity]

Type this on Google and you'll find fan very great art with wo images one is fierce deity [hero of time link] standing next to Ganondorf and second is Fierce deity holding his helix sword but turn into two swords thats fucking genius and also I love the design of Fierce deity made by Layeyes on Twitter but i do still love the orginal one.

Also if you want to play the orginal one the oot and mm go check out DKoldies cause they sell retro game and consoles like 360, n64, gamecube and other cool shit they have that you wanted.

I brought a n64 and oot and mm and works very well.

See ya at October and what you think about the comment i sent.
8/27 c7 JustSomeBody
Hey if your seeing this for just if your bored or something so let's get to let's get to it.

So have you thought of putting literally a God in Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss like its either from Game,Show,Anime

So i have this interesting crossover i have this for while okay so here this interesting crossover is gonna be from a game, the game thats from isss ... Legend of Zelda am pretty sure you heard of it but never played one of zelda games so let explain the series am picking is OOT and MM.

Alright let me explain the why cause there's one Favorite link i like about and that link am talking about is known as ... The Hero of Time, so the hero of town is tragic character cause goes out there without training have to face the responsibility and horrors he have to face its like sending a child to war, then the final battle or final chapter is Childhood against adulthood.

now The young hero of time send back his childhood timeline but his innocent was taken away from him. But then his companion who was his side was till the end left him without reason, then he went out to find his friend till end up termina now he has to help the people with their problems and suffering cause my majora mask.

Okay so why hero of time the reason why cause he has the power of Dark God either Evil God known as Fierce Deity let me explain fierce deity was one of interesting and mysterious character in zelda series when you get it it doesn't explain its origin it just says it has power of god and why does it look like the young hero of time known as link why does he look like adult link (OOT LINK)

There's alot of theories about fierce deity like he was a Some kind of alternate reality where link was some kind of warrior god
Some say fierce deity was from a tribe that make the mask but left the tribe became warrior an anti hero.

And not just that the reason I chose hero of time cause he has knowledge of Song of Healing if you don't whats the song of healing the song of healing is a magic music that ease the pain, regre, and sorrow from those who suffer with then their souls or spirits are free and peace whats all thats left is the mask that filled their emotion and experiences when you put it on you feel everything from them their pain,their sorrow, their regrets.

So thats the crossover I have that in my head OOT/MM link/Hero of time with Hazbin/Helluva but the problems is should you make AU where link whos growing up and experience the event of Ocarina of time and majora mask just like Unknown Legends by WizardlyWords.

And here the second problem the problem is Link the hero of time personality we know he's quite and all but I found two fics that actually suit his personality so here

Unknown legends by WizardlyWord i know i already said but am just putting it here.

Insomnia by tikitkirevenage he started at 2006 and stopped at 2015 and were waiting for him to come back cause his story is well written.

And I wanna share this YouTube comment I read while listening Song of Healing.
8/26 c7 Abraham
the avengers defenders fantastic 4 web of life is now gone for eternity right the multiverse is forever doom in the pit of one below all hands right now
8/25 c5 DeltaGhost
Also I read the part you turn this to a harem is like relationship harem he have to chose one or it like gonna be like [It's in the Blood fic] if that so ... we'll I don't read harem cause it ruined the story for me but i will keep reading this for development and wholesome moments
8/25 c4 DeltaGhost
Where the part Kaine was literally eating angel's corps ... THIS reminds of marvel zombie comics one where Peter did the most disturbing and shocking things he did to his loved one's around him when he got infected... THAT GAVE ME NIGHTMARES AS KID FOR 3 MONTHS and now it's starting to come back to me ... .

Man that was disturbing and nightmare fuel to me man, also did Kaine got like got more power up from eating angels or exorcist just like what ColdBlue2015 exactly said.
8/24 c7 DeltaGhost
Being honest i didn't really wanted to read this one cause it will ruin it for my favorite Marvel character i grew up with like, this cause there alot fic of Peter wearing his spandex in other crossover fic it make me cringe like in anime one's fic crossover expect bnha kinda and don't know how to explain it about my thoughts about spiderman crossovers fics..

but this fic man I glad I read this fic cause it was helluva interesting writing and glad about not wearing a spandex or end up hell as human no NAH this was very interesting.

we'll wait for you when you finish college my friend when the time comes.

we'll wait
8/15 c7 3intata
This is damn good.

I'd say it's entirely too long-winded in ratio to the plot (Not enough happens per chapter), but to be honest, I read every word. So I don't get to complain.

Thanks for writing, please give me more
7/10 c7 8Equilized Enigma
Another piece of Backstory, nice!
It was easy to follow along with, and the vagueness of it definitely works well with it. An little mention of the Black suit was interesting to see, but that definitely worked nicely too. My original thought when it came up was that the story behind it didn't change and I was expecting something about it disappearing. when that didn't come up in this one, I wondered if something with it changed at all. Probably not since the end works really well as it is, and any mention of the suit disappearing would make it longer and character thoughts a good bit longer.
Anyhow, good luck with your thesis, and until sometime after October 16th!
7/10 c7 Mathew5641
Focus on your thesis I can relate doing one sucks hope it goes well can’t wait to see you come back to writing glad to know that you are doing all right sorry about the review doing this why I am on lunch break
7/10 c7 Guest
Wait, we know Alastor knows Kaine is the Angel Killer, but does he know Kaine is Spiderman?
7/9 c7 Cheshirek3t
cool chapter, really helps set in the character
also good luck with your thesis
7/9 c7 Random65
7/9 c7 Gguma030
Can't wait to be in october
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