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for Harry Potter - the Not-so-Plane Walker

7/28 c4 Toras
A fantastic story. I'm glad to see a Planeswalker Harry, since I've yet to see this done in any other MtG/HP Crossover. As for posting chapters I can see either as the chapters are ready or as arcs are ready as working. Do what feels best to you. Again great story, looking forward to seeing where you go with this.
7/14 c4 Mastersgtjames
I know Harry is gullible and does not expect to be around much longer but only a complete idiot would be going around telling literally EVERYONE who asks everything about themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses, which the MC just did. He should KNOW about Cauldron with that info he gained when scanning Legend and Alexandria. Also, he did not get any A.I. for Dragon? Just her suit?

On a side-note. Sirius is in the Shattered Realms... That sucks. The Shattered Realms are all kinds of dangerous.
7/14 c3 Mastersgtjames
So... First, happy you explained how they found the MC so quickly, even if it was pretty ridiculous.

Second, you're really overdoing it on the intrigue. I mean, Dumbles being evil Dumbles, a Genie that is conveniently there for Harry, who did not know he could activate a Spark, or that MC was a Planeswalker, so that being manipulated into happening was pretty convoluted. Then Cauldron INSTANTLY being onto the MC, the Flamels apparently having manipulated the MC his whole life in this incarnation, and the MC supposedly being the reincarnation, or transmigration, of a planeswalker that they both knew... Now the Endbringers attacking... You are overdoing this for intrigue and mnaipulations.
7/14 c2 Mastersgtjames

You are making the PRT and Cauldron out to be WAY more competent than they are. Then there is them even knowing of the MC. Both Zion and the MC are Blindspots. So while Zion disappearing could shift the future leading to precogs noticing his disappearance. There is no reason for anyone to catch on to the MC so quickly.
Then there is the Endbringers. Which the Simurgh has no access or power over. Can be explained away by this being an AU... But not the names, as those are names(at least some of) that humans called them. Not their actual designations.
7/14 c1 Mastersgtjames
Not a fan of this whole... Mandala thing. Feels like an excuse to Nerf the MC. Hope he jumps back home, or at least an alternate of it. So he can actually LEARN some magic. Instead of just using planeswalker abilities.
6/2 c4 17RUGoing2writethat
Is the Mandala in reference to the so-called Mandela effect?
If not, what is the Mandala
Why doesn't Harry Potter find more sources of Mana within the Mandala, at least initially?
I mean, if Planeswalkers don't like the Mandala area of the multiverse, then there would be very little competition from other Planeswalkers. If he gains enough lands, he could have a steady, if modest supply of mana. Sure, he can go outside the mandala to get easier, more frequently replenished sources and he should, later, when his power has grown enough to be able to defend himself against others that could and would kill him.

Or amy I totally missing the whole point? I admit, I know nothing of Magic the Gathering or Worm but your story is well written so I feel like i don't need to know a whole lot about the source material to read, understand and enjoy it.
4/2 c4 5kent-jensen
3/30 c4 Guest
Cute story. I hope you get your muse enthused again, soon.

As for your question about posting by-chapter or holding until an arc is "complete," without more content on which to base an assessment of your ABILITY to follow through I would suggest holding each arc until complete (you might have several "in development" at once) but also note in the story is "temporarily On Hiatus pending completion of the next arc." Having several arcs in flight, having one stall out for a while does not limit you to holding ALL OTHER arcs from posting should should one of them finish earlier (unless, of course, there are plot-driven dependencies between them which would otherwise limit the order of your story arcs). By limiting such dependencies, you open the story to many more possibilities. Dunuelos' contributions to the "Lone Traveler" saga are an excellent example of how this can
3/30 c1 Guest
So, what kind of "bonus points" are we talking about?

I'm pretty sure the "hidden reference" you alluded to was the genie's comment “Wow you are a noble idiot. I mean, telling the kid about the dragon was just being a decent human being. But not taking the victory when he handed it to you – especially when you already knew the whole tournament was an assassination attempt.” Which was basically an allusion to the fact that "the kid" (actor) Cedric was played by in the HP movies was the same actor who played Edward Cullen.

FWIW, I agree with your opinion of that series (which I too categorically refuse to name). I tried reading the first book in that series when it came out (figuring that with all the hype it ought to be pretty good) but couldn't force myself to finish it to save my life - worse by far than Rowling's HP (great worldbuilding in her case, but so fatally flawed that I expect the only reason it gained any traction was that it was initially targeted to young kids too oblivious to recognize its many gaffs and continuity errors). At least Rowling's worldbuilding allowed many fanfic authors to create much more credible and entertaining stories based on her HP Story-verse ("Harry Crow" by RobSt springs to mind).
3/31 c4 1Joe Lawyer
Well, as long as he's leaving this reality for a while it'll be ok. During that interrogation/debrief, I felt with every answer Harry gave he basically was waving his hand in the air saying "Please, please can I get kidnapped and dissected? Or for assassins to be sent after me? Please!"

And I mentioned this last chapter review. No one is this selfless! I know he got manna out of it in the end, but he was giving valuable things away essentially for free. Ask for something valuable in return that he couldn't get easily. Value for value. It made him look kind of dumb, and super naive, and that takes me out of the story for a while.

Looking forward to seeing where he goes next, but really give some thought to giving Harry some agency of his own, his own selfish desires, goals for the future, desires for self-improvement, etc. Flesh him out, because right now he's like a 2-dimensional cutout of a person.
3/31 c4 frankieu
interesting story so far thx for writing it
liked harry's travels into the worm verse as his first stop nice ending of scion talk about curiosity killing the cat there.
liked the bits of fluff for luna hermoine and sirius .
will be fun to see where he ends up next
3/30 c1 sandmanwake
Man, reading this again from the beginning, I hope Harry makes it back to set Dumbledore on fire before he succeeds in his plans.
3/30 c4 Moon Wolf 96
post when each arch is complete.
3/30 c3 scyfly
the world of worm would eat harry alive
3/30 c4 comodo50
Nice. Recently found this fic and liked the story so far. Kinda reminded me of another fic where Harry and cia travel the 'verse. (Starts with Silent Hill).

Hoping to read more of this
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