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for The Hallow Moon : Raising

3h c9 The Fire Witness
Love Love Love Love Love. Can't wait for the next update.
7h c9 1Alphagirl16
This story is so great can’t wait to read more.
10/26 c8 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

10/22 c8 Guest
Please please update
10/23 c8 nickixo
please update
10/20 c8 Jimkiller
Ok, so I love this story and grammar aside you have very solid writing. However, just to point out a couple of things, first, at this point Esther has yet to be consecrated and thus is not influencing the Ancestors, secondly, has Hayley actually told the Mikaelsons that she is a time traveler or does she just pass off her knowledge as visions cause it's not clear in certain places. Also, maybe you should clarify how she has knowledge of the things that happened in Mystic Falls while she was in NOLA.
10/12 c3 10Silver-Infinite
Interesting redo. I believe it’s the first I read for the Originals fandom
10/12 c4 Silver-Infinite
This chapter needs polish up little but with the spacing and grammar but it’s fine otherwise
10/10 c8 darkpegasuzz
nice story, main thing you should psy attention to is uppercase letters in the middle of a sentence for the rest you will need a beta. Do enioy it though Hayleys knowledge gets accepted too easily especially about the strix.
10/8 c8 Guest
Praying for you and your family :3
10/8 c8 The Fire Witness
Love it. Can't wait for the next update.
9/29 c3 1Destrark
I saw the chapter after this. Eek, thank heavens for your beta reader. This is a good story with pretty good writing but yeesh. Can't wait for the beta to get through the read of the story.
9/28 c3 haileymnorris05
I love this story because hayley gets a second chance
9/27 c7 timijaf
Great chapter can’t wait for next one
9/26 c7 Jwttrow d blaze
Looking forward to the next chapter
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