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for Incident Zero

3/20 c11 Viewer
Stain is literally Batman! Well he's not batman level of smart but the way he talk and organized a plan gives DC Batman vibes
2/22 c43 UmamiLantern
I'm on chapter 43 at the moment. This is dope.
1/21 c55 95Miqila
...Why'd ya name someone with an owl quirk "earthworm?"
1/15 c52 Miqila
Stain's family is growing... if he's the dad then does that make Kaina the mom?
1/13 c48 Miqila
...I'd kinda like that quirk, too. Lucky Izuku.
1/9 c43 Miqila
...You really did have AFO and OFA swap successors, huh...
12/28/2023 c28 Miqila
Hawks killed one of the canon 1A students? Forget Incident Zero; THIS starts the real count down to the apocalypse.
11/20/2023 c12 Loveyourwork69
Hope you upload again and make a new story maybe with Izuku being a villain maybe Afos successor instead of shigaraki.
11/17/2023 c57 Guest
Please update another chapter
10/4/2023 c57 1starscreamer11
I hope there will be a update. This is great
7/13/2023 c5 2D11 Cosmic Studios
I thought Tenko and Izuku were one year apart.
7/6/2023 c57 Guest
Please update
6/13/2023 c15 1ExalF
It's unfortunate that this turned out to be so... disappointing.
4/18/2023 c5 jimmy.oz
Curious if he got all the quirks that all for one had already shouldn't he have a healing quirk even if it can't heal everything should be at least able to heal the small stuff like a cut. pretty good so far but needs updates.
4/18/2023 c3 jimmy.oz
Guess he will need a regeneration quirk so he doesn't get hurt as much. not sure if he is going to be a hero or villain but hope eri gets saved faster.
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