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9/24 c28 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Damn...you didn't have to do *non-descript character* like that
9/24 c27 TheWritingFreakIsBack
I like how it doesn't say age-15 on the profiling at the end of the chapter and how it says aged-15 like they're a fine wine or something.

This is our best bottle it's called Bakugo aged 15 years with an explosive taste of rebellious and a burning passion of hero work. Not my personal favorite, although most of the customers praise it.
9/24 c26 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Poor innocent Izuku hot boxes a room with his brother and cousin!
9/24 c22 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Now is the time shit goes down. 1-A beginning and the villains are looking for some hero snacks.
9/24 c17 TheWritingFreakIsBack
of course sir night eye says a pun as a cliffhanger

Who else?
9/23 c13 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Oh are you kidding me

You put up muiltiple great characters against each other. All of which have very large importance of which I root for them, and you make me pick a side.

Damnit, I love it
9/23 c8 TheWritingFreakIsBack
My feels have been hit hard this chapter

9/23 c6 TheWritingFreakIsBack
This story summer up
All might dies and afo is dieing
Child izuku walks up and cries
Afo gives izuku a blob of goo and says "go, do a crime" and promptly dies after transfering a bit of his mind into izuku's mind.
9/23 c3 TheWritingFreakIsBack
I like how afo is kinda just a background voice in his head rn...well it might not be afo, but my guess is it is.
9/5 c57 2MrMateusz
Not gonna lie this wasnt what i expected from a fic „mha but Izuku has AfO”, so much world building
Spoilers for chap 36/37? If Izuku tells the truth about his Quirk he might Get Inko protected at UA, but we will see
9/2 c3 BoredKing
Pity, I was hoping he would steal Bakugo's quirk. It would've be so satisfying to see that asshole become the very thing he hates.
8/27 c1 Guest
I am at lost for words! You accurately predicted afo's facial features.
8/22 c6 zainabdiggie
wait so izuku didn't take bakugos friends quirk and where'd he get air Force from anyway?
8/20 c57 FoxFan88
You really make good use of the MLA in your story than in canon. Re-Destro ended Muscular after Geten had liberated him... oh well. I'm sure the MLA can recruit/liberate more prisoners by breaking them out or by bribes or by Sway's connections through the Hero Commission. I'm actually surprised that Sway's son was not mentioned in this chapter. I bet she's not at all concerned about Hitoshi as she is about Lady Nagant.

Garaki and Kurogiri make another appearance and they talk with Inko about Izuku while Kurogiri is having some "glitches". Inko is such a strong woman to make her own declarations to the both of them.

Thanks again for this new chapter and can't wait to read another one soon.
8/17 c24 VoidWalker1256
and the best part is if his mom ever dies he technically still has her subconsciousness within her quirk!
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