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4/8/2022 c1 saddwarr
Izuku looks in my opinion the most boring of all the main Persians (at the time of chapter 23). Izuku is a hypocrite, because his words "I want to save people with a smile on my face" are very inspiring in the original and in other fics, because most often Izuku is a desperate psycho, ready to do crazy things, break his bones for example and not two or three times, but constantly. Well, in this fic, he constantly whines what a bad and terrible quirk he has, so he uses only a minuscule All for One, I'm waiting for someone dear to him to die because of this, so that he understands the simple truth, you either try your best strength, or go fuck yourself with your "salvation" ideas. Seriously, against the background of Bakugou, Dabi, even Shoto and Tenko Zu look, to put it mildly, not very good. He has not been bullied for 11 years, in the canon he did not have any friends or acquaintances at all in him, his like lol, even in the original it was harder for him, as for me. Yes, All Might died in front of him, yeah, cool and how did it affect him? He was like a closed mumbler, who mutters something under his breath, and so he remained, but why? He wasn't affected by Setsuno and Tenko at all, was he? Himigo Toga as a love interest is sad for me, I don't like crazy women, and Himiko is completely fucked up, but that's my personal preference. Okay xs, let's see, I hope the author makes Iza suffer so that he develops at least a little as a person.
4/5/2022 c51 FoxFan88
Not bad. I like how both Mina and Kirishima came back but too bad that both Awase and Yanagi didn't. Awase has his reasons but Yanagi's parents were no doubt fearful after what happened. Hope we will see them again soon.

Awesome to see more UA staff and hope to see more soon and it's great that they're caring for their students/apprentices. Can't wait to see how they will do with field experience and can't wait to see Stain get a new recruit to his team. Wonder if he will only get one or more? Thanks again for the new chapter and can't wait to read the next one.
4/4/2022 c51 Guest
good fanfic
4/3/2022 c1 Guest
When tenko reaches the level where he unlocks the quirks within ofa, his first quirk should be float because:
1. Its his grandmother's power and he being her descendant deserves to have it.
2. Since hes related to nana, he can use the excuse that he must've inherited it from her.
3. To give torino and nighteye a heart attack.
4/3/2022 c51 1TheGreatBubbaJ
The lad should count his blessings his mentor is so quiet and hands off for now.
4/3/2022 c51 2BrazeRancor
Did you mean a 'different' chromosome? Cause an 'extra' one would suggest a thing for people with Down's syndrome. Or intersex maybe.

Poor Hound Dog. If UA actually tried to take care of their students in Canon he'd be their most overworked teacher.
4/3/2022 c12 AlphaZwei
Another Deku bullcrap?
4/3/2022 c51 2Diaspared
Tetsu/Monoma works surprisingly well, for similar reasons to the Bakugo/Kirishima one...but without the issue of Mina existing.

AfO just sitting there commenting on everything continues to be delightful.
4/2/2022 c51 Guest
I smell a harem brewing here.
4/2/2022 c51 PasiveNox
great wonderful chapter nice nice also kirishima and mina are back :) also therapy :) yeah great wonderful chapter
4/2/2022 c51 Scarease
My Offer of Ocs still open .
4/2/2022 c51 beard boy
hell ya lets gooooo!
4/2/2022 c51 2ProjectIceman
Oh man, what a great chapter.

The Four Musketeers. If only she knew. Oh the irony LOL
4/2/2022 c51 42Death Fury
nice chapter
4/2/2022 c51 TheCarcassKing
10 has to carry the same weight on holding a lost lost legacy, albeit 8 times more heavier.

I wonder when he will be able to visit the old man?
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