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3/20 c50 2ProjectIceman
Touya you bastard, you better not be doing what I think you're doing. Don't you dare. Leave Rei the hell alone.

And oh boy Uraraka. You're in dangerous waters between Feel Good watching you and the Commission doing vigilante slaying. Be careful.
3/20 c45 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Took a few days, but I finally got to once more come witness to your art, in the form of another chapter!

And let me tell you... this chapter ROCKED! A LOT! HECK YEAH!

First, before I truly begin going through this amazing creation, I need to say my thoughts on this chapter's title. While I understand the idea behind the title, I think "Unravel" or "The Unraveling" would've fit better. Maybe, I dunno. But there sure was a lot that was unraveled in this one! The quirk of Afo (Izuku having it) to Stain, Shinsou unravelled his quirk, the commission and not to mention the big final of a reveal! Just full of em lol. But I still like your tile choice, it is pretty endearing and intense in its own right! Nice!

Anyway, with that said. Here I go as usual!:

First: Right, to start things off... I dunno if it could even be possible to top this introduction to a chapter following these events (USJ). The TV is bleering with NEWS from what happened. All the while Stains view is presented, as he hears both the television and Himiko speaking of it. It was a utterly fantastic beginning, that just caught me from the first word! It did its job perfectly and you executed everything to a massive T!

And then it continues with Himiko truly shining her love, care and beliefs! She stutters, she becomes uncertain but she holds strong in her beliefs and heart! I love that she didn't withhold any info from Stain, it would be out of character if she did I think. And the way she defended her choices and beliefs against Stains words, was amazing! Speaking of amazing, Stain was just utterly wonderfully written this whole chapter too! (Just as usual). And what I truly appreciate with how you handle Stain, is his interactions with others. Let's start with this conversation between Toga and Stain. Each and every step of the way, he challenges Toga. Makes her truly fight for her belief, to see if she doesn't back down. It not only shows the truth to Stain, but also helps his ward think deeper of her thoughts. To truly analyze her own worths, feelings and thoughts. Just like a true hero should, be completely certain in their convictions! Beautiful!

Also: I am looking forward to Izuku meeting with Stain now, like a whole ton. Because of the foreshadowingish thing you did. Great way to keep us wanting more and more things!

Second: Now, I want to mention that the reactions towards Afo from Spinner and Stain were very very intriguing. It is interesting to see them taking Afo (the quirk) in a bright light. To see its potential for good- Izuku has a tendency to see quirks, no matter which, as having potential to do good. And I am happy to see that view spreading deeper and deeper into the story. With Toga, Stain, Spinner... I love it so darn much!

Third: Shinsou. The whole interaction, from start to finish was flawless. Stain testing Shinsou every step of the way, Shinsou being sarcastic but serious and Spinner being a ("comedic relief" sounds wrong to say, but he did lighten the mood at times!). A perfect combination for a entertaining and well played scene. All of the hype for this moment was well and truly earned! I love how it all played out.

Shinsou's character deepend in this chapter, with all of his geniune truths running out to the front. His thoughts, feelings and views for all that he has experienced. It was all there and beautifully spread out through the conversation. And to see the geniune rage, and fright from Stain as things got unraveled... was greatly written. It was a darn pleasure seeing this whole scene.


*Caugh* So, anyway, reactions aside, let's continue!

Fourth: Moving on to the next scene of this chapter, we rejoin Dabi, Shoto, La Brava, Gentle and Compr- Okay, so the transition from the Stain to this was greatly crafted, with starting off with "It's time.". That got an excited reaction out of me, as I widen my eyes and thought "really?! Now?! Holy crap!". Anyway, as the scene/part progressed, it was interesting to see why Compress was absent (what with his daughter getting injured/attacked). Very cool for his character, to show his caring side! Looking forward to seeing more on him later! Continuing, we have Gentle trying to talk Dabi out of going with the plan now. Gentle having his own experience and view on showbiz, I definitely like him making a (flawlessly handled) input! But being the stubborn and impatient Todoroki as he is, Dabi presses on. He convices a understandably hesitant Shoto (well done that you put in the uncertainty of Shoto. He might want this, but of course he would doubt the methods. THAT'S SO SHOTO!).

I must add that I think the growing friendship between Shoto and La Brava is utterly adorable tho. I love that you made that, especially so realistic! Love it!

Anyway, the humor with the "Geesh, what do you think with this kinda internet," (not word for word, but you get what I mean) was HILARIOUS! Dude, when time stopped after they had "pressed the botton". I laughed like crazy lol, cuz I was also taken by a bit of suprise lol. It was such a great moment to be a calm before the seriousness started truly once more. La Brava, is amazing. And I adore how you handled her xD.

Anyway, I think it was absolutely a cool idea to have this happen right after the USJ, for all of its publicity in the media. It would surely create a splash with all of the attention media was given. So well played! Now it's just to see how it will go!

The message/video was also very well crafted. It got out only a few sentences, but it was enough for me to want to know what exactly they said. And how the reactions will be! I bet Bakugo and Burnin, if they see it, will have interesting reactions! Ahh, looking forward to reading more when I can!

All around a fantastic chapter as always! Great job dude! And when I am here, congrats on hitting 50 chapters! THAT'S AWESOME! Looking forward to reaching there. :)

Hope you're well and that things goes well! Thanks for the chapter, I truly enjoyed it!

Sincerely/ Dennis S.
3/20 c50 4Kyuubi123
Great chapter! Love the Dabi/Shoto scenes. I wish we had more of this in cannon. As toxic as it is, a snall part of me hopes that Dabi does care for his brother and doesn't just see him as a means to an end. Though if it came down to his revenge or Shoto, there's no doubt what he'd choose
3/20 c2 Guest
Vigilante ochako huh. Anyway good chapter, tho I do wonder if you're planning to adapt the sports festival arc considering UA could no longer afford to operate training robots.
3/20 c50 8Mirrond
Private message. Also, to not send a review only for that, I'm going to say that don't you dare harm Ochaco :V
3/20 c50 PasiveNox
Great chapter also ochako suck a good girl :)
3/17 c49 8 th circle of darkness
pls update
3/15 c36 TheWatcherxxx
I've seen complicated stories with multiple stringed-together plots. But this one. This one is more complicated than Shoto's secret-love-child/how-anyone-dating-anyone-else-is-incest-by-at-least-third-cousins board.
3/15 c44 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Leaving the legacy of heroics, we dive head first into its opposite. This chapter was very very well made, just as the others. And the sheer build up for this specific one, has been genuinely well played. The meeting between All For One and Izuku has been hyped up since the first sentence that AFO spoke in Izuku's mind. And it has just continued as the story progressed. And, well, I guess now it's time to go through the chapter that showed what we all have been waiting on!

So, here I go!

First: As usual, your beginning is Top Notch awesome! You crafted a perfect stage that reflected the inner struggle of Midoriya to a T. The darkness, the uncertainty, the curiosity, the desperation and the horror! It was all there in your descriptions of the environment, Midoriya's thoughts and feelings and the actions/dialog taking place. It was perfectly crafted and I am super impressed as always! . Whenever you take time to explain things, and go through the scenes in detail. It makes the scenes much more complete and easier to understand. You TRULY MAKE US LIVE IN THE STORY MAN! Straight chills each and every time I get to read through your descriptions, because it only becomes all the more real as I go along. Just SPECTACULAR!

Second: Let's talk about how you handled the dialog. You're usually astoundingly incredible in this, and it is fantastic to lay witness to your dialog each and every time. But what I truly appreciate with this chapter in particular? Is that All For One is a very complex character with a long history and a specific speech. One might think it easy to see how he acts and talks, but it takes a true master to shine geniune light on his preccens and character. It is GENUINELY FANTASTIC to see you take such good care of making him right. He was in control, held confidence, was smooth, was scarily calm and yet held the humanity that is the most interesting part of his character. All For One has always been the picture of hunger for more, the greed of being human, for me. And it was perfectly orchestrated in this magnificent chapter. You didn't just show his most common traits, but you went deep and that is utterly unbelievable to see you master my man! Great job!

Izuku's reactions and flow was also very intriguing to lay witness to. To see All For One give Midoriya the run around was very interesting. The way he had Izuku figure things out, by just giving him nudges now and again. And then to compare the two and making Izuku moraly question himself. AFO did make a lot of fair points when comparing their drive, intelligence, love for quirks and want for change. It was a very very interesting conversation the two of them had during this whole thing. And I love that they got a whole chapter dedicated to the two of them. Majestic job!

Three: Now, here's one thing I want to say! The way you described the quirk of All For One was very interesting to me. It was both easy to comprehend, but you didn't stop at the face value of the quirk. But you took a closer look and went into the inner workings. Why things were as they were, and what could possibly happen in the future. There's no doubt there's infinite potential in the power, and every explanation and study you had them do this chapter, only solified that.

I especially liked this sentence from All For One:
"simultaneously many and one.." such a simple way of saying it, but also so much meaning in it. Just perfectly worded!

I will just end off there with saying that I truly loved how you worked with the quirk. All of the explanations and questions. Just perfect.

Fourth: Now, here's where I am conflicted. I loved the beginning, with the darkness of the abyss. The mysterious, chilling and fitting atmosphere. It set the tone and held me strong to what was happening. But then, it changed. Afo made the view completely different and so changed the tone. The transition from the two different environments was gracefully made, don't get me wrong. I saw it all in front of my eyes, and I have no complaints with how that was handled.

But, I usually don't like when things become more lighthearted in a mindscape. It takes away from the feeling of seriousness. Just as when Naruto changes his mind from Sewer to a forest. It just doesn't fit me. But after a lot of thought, I think I understand your choice. All For One is human, and there's nothing to say that he wouldn't enjoy the wonders of nature in his own way. And it also helped to ease Midoriya in their talk. So it was both a tactical and understandable move. I really respect you so much for putting that much thought into it. And I can't really complain, because it came out marvelous! But like, I kinda missed the darkness lol. But it was great nonetheless! Absolutely amazing job with it all! Bravo!

Now, that's about what I had for this one. Great build up, awesomely handled and just all around amazing! Absolutely great work with this one! Also! I need to mention that I love the ending, it makes us just want more . So, that was perfectly crafted as well!

I also need to mention this! That you took up Recovery Girl, and AFO making sound theories on her "possible retirement". I truly enjoyed that part as well! Nice!

I hope you're doing good and that things are moving upwards on your end!

Sincerely/ Dennis S.
3/12 c43 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
It happened much faster than I had anticipated. But I ended up reading the next chapter the day after the one before. Just goes to show the straight up hype your chapters have! I just had to find time xD. And I'm glad I did!

Might, which is a awesome choice for a title by the way! Is a spectacular chapter that holds a ton of emotion, silliness, drama, mystery, answers and suspense! After the last chapter (42), this one was exactly what we needed. After so much action and questions being awakened in us. We needed this cool down, where we could get a better understanding of how things came to be. Where we could get a cameo from a character we haven't seen since the first chapter. And just... it was incredibly well thought out from you. It seems to me that you truly take care of how you construct your placements of your chapters. And that is one of the reasons that you hold us readers captivated. You know what we need. You truly are a remarkable writer/author like that as well. :D.

Anyway, let's start going through this majestic chapter!

First off: Well, let's start as I usually do with these. The beginning! After signing off from the last chapter, with Tenko blacking out and the action finishing up- you start us off in the aftermath. After giving it his all and more (Plus Ultra, am I right?), we see a beaten up young man in the hospital. Completely unknowing to what is going on around and in him. And there's things going on alright!

Let's start by mentioning Setsuna. The way she never left his side, when she first saw him. Shows more than anything that under all of that teasing, she genuinely cares for him. It is heartwarming to see this part of her character shine through in such a scene. It was a powerful and adorable scene. A scene which might very well bring with it some undeniably akward but hilarious moments once Tenko wakes up xD. But, I loved it!

It is also very good that you mentioned that the adults/pros were worried in the rooms outside. It makes suspense for how their reactions are. How they see this situation and how they decide to act from it. A small add, that makes for a great way to open the thought process for us readers! Nice!

And of course, there's things going on inside of Tenko Shimura. And it all starts to come to light by a masterfully done flashback... but I'll get to that! I just wanna end off here, by saying that... You did a fantastic and strong opening to this chapter as well! Great job!

Second: Now, the flash back of all flash backs! It started off with the perspective of a young Tenko. You moved us into his emotions and view on everything leading up to his current position. You gave us a well flowing and short run through of events. A nice pase to use, to reach the current point, in which the memory takes place. And after you have explained everything, you let it all flow back into the current reality (in the flashback) perfectly. We're all in the know how he came to be there, how he feels and we're all the more ready to see what happens next.

This part has to be my favorite about this chapter, because of how much I have missed and wondered about a specific character. But I'll get to that. Things start to heat up as Tenko notices a new and booming voice from inside his house. A familiar one, but yet so out of range to truly know who it could be. The sheer build up you created before Tenko laid his eyes on the man, was genius! I don't quite know how to explain myself here, but I think you just handled it perfectly! I am literally out of words here!

So, I will get into what I am the most excited to point out! As the Symbol, the most unlikely person (in Tenko's mind), flipping All Might comes into view! With all of the care you have for each and every character you have used so far. I have wondered how you would do when handling All Might during a longer scene. And... YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Holy crap man! You got him down to the flipping T! His silliness, his oblivious nature, his humor, his strength, his support, his presence... it all just clicked perfectly in this scene! But what I am most impressed with, is the way you made him emotional. That you showed his vulnerability. How he felt his regret, how his smile lessened to a frown. It was... Astounding to lay witness to my friend. The accuracy- it is magnificent. Magic. Holly, just great!

I think the reason for his preccens makes total sense, so well done with coming up with that! I also really love the fun, engaging, serious, depressing and really cool moments between All Might and Tenko. The way All Might didn't quite follow Tenkos gaming language, but yet took it in stride was absolutely adorable. And you truly built up Tenko even more here, as you showed his selfless traits. Not wanting things to get worse, he could take a bit more pain, he could still take it, there wasn't any need to have things escalate. Just awe inspiring how you continue to deepen these characters. Just.. spectacular man. I wanna cry for how good this is. Anyway, it was a fantastic scene with the two of them. And I truly see why and how All Might came to his choice.

The way you changed the catchphrase to "DRINK THIS!" instead of "eat this!" Is a ingenious choice. It just goes hand in hand with the "dark mirror" theme you wanted to create.

Last thing I want to state, is that I appreciate the way you made All Might honor his mentor. Him being the one to present her, in a bright light to his grandson. And how it made such an impression that, Tenko stood strong, holding up his fist in a heroic pose, while calling out "F-For Nana!" I loved it. Such greatness.

Fantastic! I just adore this scene, and I wish I had more to say. But I am out of words for it! Just so astronomically amazing man!

Third: Okay, so moving on from All Might. I want to go through what transpires after he went to fight. The reactions from Tenko's dad, mom and sister were on point. And your descriptions on what transpired were truly well done. How it all escalated, how Tenko's developments made him react and feel and even the sheer attention to actions and occurrences.

Like how you described the alarms going off, the car flying through the window, the screams and the dog running away. It all set the mood that was supposed to be there. The desperation, the down ward spiral that situations like these would ultimately bring. Just absolutely astounding! You are a master at setting and making the atmosphere in your stories man!

Seeing you put light to the positives on Hana and their mother, before they vanished with an astounding and frighteningly realistic description. And then his father just reacting- before vanishing. Dude. You're a master, plain and simple.

Fourth: And then it vanished. We're back in the hospital, and the vestiges of the great power takes turns to make their views. Giving us hints as to how things came to be. As the power and the memory of its origins for Tenko slowly but surely hits the surface. Marvelous! You did this, all of it, wonderful! And I am happy I didn't pick up on the hints beforehand, cuz, it led me to being even more surprised and impressed!

Fifth: Now, for the ending. This reminds me of Naruto, but a Izuku/MHA version. Izuku finds himself in a place so out of place. He takes everything in, and comes to his conclusions with his mumbling. Details are pointed out and the puzzle gets solved by him taking one thing at a time. Showing his intelligence in full swing. Instead of just with bravery moving towards the gates of the Nine tails, Izuku broke the puzzle of his predicament only to end up meeting the darkness within.

You sent chills down my spine with this, and I can't wait to see how it will continue! Great use of AFO as always. I dunno what more to say, everything about the scene was great, no question! Great job!

Now, as I have sorta ended my analysis of this masterpiece of a chapter. I want to point out something, that I normally never do: Criticism. And it's nothing bad, I promise!

This sentence: "Do you… know what I mean if I say about destiny?". Is a bit off to me. I think the last "about" shouldn't be there. I think it should be: "Do you… know what I mean if I say destiny?". I just don't feel that the "about destiny" is correct in the sentence. I am not the best with English, but if it isn't right, then I am happy to point out something! Always great to have something mentioned that will strengthen and develop things! (Not that you actually need much strengthening at all, since you're amazing, but like, a bit of critic can be good xD).

Hope that helps! Anyway, thank you so much for this chapter. I hope things are well as always, and that things are moving in the right direction!

Once more, great chapter!

Sincerely/ Dennis S.
3/12 c42 8 th circle of darkness
damn they exchange place
3/11 c37 8 th circle of darkness
far by the best MHA fanfic according to me
3/10 c42 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Once more I grace your review section with my thoughts on yet another utterly incredible creation of yours! It always astounds me how each chapter you make just takes a greater hold of me, keeping me more and more into the story! I am loving it more and more each and every time I start and go through a new chapter to the end! Absolutely fantastic work man!

So, a LOT to unpack on this epicness of a chapter, so guess I'll start now! (Also, love the title chapter of the chapter, once more inventive name!)

First off: I usually start off by mentioning how you handled the start of the chapter. And it will not be any different on this one! It all started off running, with Nomu attacking and Tenko assisting Izuku in evading like the true trooper that he is! I think it worked perfectly to drive the reader into the story from where you left off on the previous chapter. Just what we were anticipating and wanting! It just grabbed me, just as a masterful beginning should! So, Absolutely well done on this one, bravo! Not much else to say, I am just so impressed on your ability to start a chapter! Never fails to amaze me man!

Second: The dialog for this chapter was absolutely off the charts. You captured the progress and development of Izukus and Tenkos bond to a T. Very engaging to see Tenko rally Izuku to his line of thought in how to take care of the Nomu. Their arguments and back and forth was very entertaining to lay witness to. And they fit their characters like a specifically made pair of gloves! Each and every word you write for them, make it feel as if they actually did flow through their mouths! It is them that is talking, and it makes it all the more interesting and cool! Jumping from their bonding, I have to mention something I think I haven't mentioned before!

Your references are spot on! "Nomu uses tackle, Run!", "Respawn time...", "Full restore." They were just placed perfectly and with accuracy for the reaction they're supposed to give. To read this and understand a reference that Tenko or another makes, is always fun! And as I said, I am incredibly impressed that you can place them with such precision. They make sense for the situation at hand, and makes the heart calm down and a smile escape the grim look. You hit the nail on the head with the mix of suspense, desperation and humor. It all fits like a glove, and it is fantastic to see! I love when I get your references, few as they may be for my limit knowledge of games and such. But whenever I do find the ones I get, it hits just like it should and more! Just, I appreciate all of the time you spend thinking/looking up these references and making them fit so well to what you write up! Thank you for being dedicated and amazing man! Splendid work!

Speaking of dialogs, The good ol doc was on point in this chapter. He has of course always been in your writing, but that doesn't make it any less impressive in this installment! You manged to show his curious mind, his humor... and his overconfidence. Something you wouldn't think would be that easy to spot for such a experienced and knowledgeable man. But, it only goes to show how incredibly accurate you are in showing the characters humanity! That's also something I want to point out to you! You never fail to give the characters a relatable humanity. There's faults and positives with each and every one of them. And each and every time a character becomes a focus, you show them for who they really are. Humans, super powered ones perhaps, but still humans in the end. It is awe-inspiring how you never mange to forget to show that. Just fantastic! Anyways, Garaki (might spell that wrong) was genuinely awesome to read as usual. And I especially enjoyed his reactions to each suprise. So well done with the dialog!

Thirdly: Up Third we have something that I truly want to mention to you. There's something that I have heard from you in the past, and I think it is high time that I truly say my geniune thoughts on this!
You have once told me that you had a bit of trouble with the fighting scenes if I am not mistaking. So, if that's still the case, I want without a shadow of a doubt help clear your doubts about your undeniable skill with them! So here I go:

Alright, let me start off with this: I was listening to Green Day in the background while reading the fighting scenes for this chapter. Anyways, when Izuku started rushing in with Tenko following behind with his long strides... the dark hood of Midoriya's uniform waving behind him... I could FEEL each and every step, and with each of them my heart beat faster. You started the charge so spectacularly, that I think a anime episode would be hard pressed to capture me just as much! Not saying anything bad about anime fights, but you did the atmosphere, the feeling and the descriptions of what was happening to almost an absurdly perfect degree! Seeing Izuku give things his all, all the while AFO gives him facts. And Tenko taking charge and relieving Izuku from the stress of using Freeze. You described Decay taking effect with frightening accuracy, which gave me a strong picture of how it all went down.

The sheer strength of every fighting scene in this chapter was off the charts my friend! Each and every time a new strategy popped up, a blast of air or derbis was thrown, a stream of blood was spilled or when a smash was made- it made my blood pump strongly. And as I listened to Green Day in the background, I witnessed something that is hard to compete with! Just ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING AWESOMNESS! Man! Never ever look down on your ability to make fighting scenes, cuz they are straight up art! Just like everything else you do is! Just AMAZING!

Fourth: Right, that being said. Can I just mention the ABSOLUTE AWESOME TENKO MOMENT AT THE END?!. Flipping Flying Rainbows man! Are you trying to make something that is far better than that of a legend? This legit was spectacular in every sense of the word! And WHAT A BOMBSHELL TO DROP DUDE! I never ever thought that this would be a thing- and I have so many questions about how it ended up in Tenko and such. But what the actual cricket club! The way you presented this, with Tenko TANKING Nomu's advances! It was STRAIGHT chills dude! All of the colors and everything- And it made the Doctor SWEAT! Wow... I don't wanna put a spoiler to what I am talking about outright, because It shocked me to the core to witness it happen! You handed this so perfectly I don't think my words would come close to giving it justice man!

What a flipping ending! Suprise and suprise. AFO's preccens making itself known through Izuku's voice. And Tenko showing up with his own ridiculous and amazing achievement! Dude, you did this absolutely Splendidly in every sense of every positive word I could possibly use to describe it!

"Good job, Tenko." I couldn't agree more, you just made him hit flipping the thousand times more awesome achievement! Bravo!

And... I of course have to mention the straight chills I got from the doctors reactions. He knew that it was nothing to fool around with, and I am sure what happened is gonna make things more challenging for him later on! A Splendid job with his reactions and actions. Just so accurate man! And Also... Heressss, Johnny! XD. Wow, guess they did really have a backup incase Kurogiri was shut down somehow.

Oh! I need to mention the use of All For One in this chapter, as in the quirk. I think it was really cool to have Izuku for the first time look for a specific quirk in a multi quirked creator. And that he failed to take what he wanted- it is a great way to show how far he has left to go to master this unbelievable quirk. A lot of growth coming up, perhaps? Looking forward to it! Also, when on things I don't wanna forget! I loved that he used Inko's quirk to drag Himiko's knife to him for a final attack. Absolutely adorable, and well thought out!

I am gonna end off with saying that, I truly appreciate all of the time, energy and dedication that you lay in for the making of this fabulous story. It is an honor to (when I can) lay witness to your well earned achievements. They're just so great, it is hard to put into words. If you ever get any hate or rude comments. Just, please, please ignore them. Your thoughts, decisions, work and just this whole thing, it is you. It comes from your heart, your mind, your experience, your friends and close ones... your inspirations and your God dang talent! It is you! And no butt hurt person who wants you to do things a specific way, should take that away from you. It is your hard earned accomplishment, your art! And it is utterly fantastic! Just continue being you, and you will go farther than you ever probably thought possible! Absolutely fantastic work my friend! Never change!

I dunno when the next review will come, but you can bet your epic skills that I am excited for the next chapter on the list! 43 here I come (at some point lmao). Take care of yourself and stay amazing! You did this amazingly!

Sincerely/ Dennis S.
3/10 c27 8 th circle of darkness
wait so kaminari is dead holy shiz
3/9 c44 CrowDemon
*“All For One is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural. The tragedy of All For One the great, if you will.”*, 4realz.
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