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3/12/2022 c42 8 th circle of darkness
damn they exchange place
3/11/2022 c37 8 th circle of darkness
far by the best MHA fanfic according to me
3/10/2022 c42 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Once more I grace your review section with my thoughts on yet another utterly incredible creation of yours! It always astounds me how each chapter you make just takes a greater hold of me, keeping me more and more into the story! I am loving it more and more each and every time I start and go through a new chapter to the end! Absolutely fantastic work man!

So, a LOT to unpack on this epicness of a chapter, so guess I'll start now! (Also, love the title chapter of the chapter, once more inventive name!)

First off: I usually start off by mentioning how you handled the start of the chapter. And it will not be any different on this one! It all started off running, with Nomu attacking and Tenko assisting Izuku in evading like the true trooper that he is! I think it worked perfectly to drive the reader into the story from where you left off on the previous chapter. Just what we were anticipating and wanting! It just grabbed me, just as a masterful beginning should! So, Absolutely well done on this one, bravo! Not much else to say, I am just so impressed on your ability to start a chapter! Never fails to amaze me man!

Second: The dialog for this chapter was absolutely off the charts. You captured the progress and development of Izukus and Tenkos bond to a T. Very engaging to see Tenko rally Izuku to his line of thought in how to take care of the Nomu. Their arguments and back and forth was very entertaining to lay witness to. And they fit their characters like a specifically made pair of gloves! Each and every word you write for them, make it feel as if they actually did flow through their mouths! It is them that is talking, and it makes it all the more interesting and cool! Jumping from their bonding, I have to mention something I think I haven't mentioned before!

Your references are spot on! "Nomu uses tackle, Run!", "Respawn time...", "Full restore." They were just placed perfectly and with accuracy for the reaction they're supposed to give. To read this and understand a reference that Tenko or another makes, is always fun! And as I said, I am incredibly impressed that you can place them with such precision. They make sense for the situation at hand, and makes the heart calm down and a smile escape the grim look. You hit the nail on the head with the mix of suspense, desperation and humor. It all fits like a glove, and it is fantastic to see! I love when I get your references, few as they may be for my limit knowledge of games and such. But whenever I do find the ones I get, it hits just like it should and more! Just, I appreciate all of the time you spend thinking/looking up these references and making them fit so well to what you write up! Thank you for being dedicated and amazing man! Splendid work!

Speaking of dialogs, The good ol doc was on point in this chapter. He has of course always been in your writing, but that doesn't make it any less impressive in this installment! You manged to show his curious mind, his humor... and his overconfidence. Something you wouldn't think would be that easy to spot for such a experienced and knowledgeable man. But, it only goes to show how incredibly accurate you are in showing the characters humanity! That's also something I want to point out to you! You never fail to give the characters a relatable humanity. There's faults and positives with each and every one of them. And each and every time a character becomes a focus, you show them for who they really are. Humans, super powered ones perhaps, but still humans in the end. It is awe-inspiring how you never mange to forget to show that. Just fantastic! Anyways, Garaki (might spell that wrong) was genuinely awesome to read as usual. And I especially enjoyed his reactions to each suprise. So well done with the dialog!

Thirdly: Up Third we have something that I truly want to mention to you. There's something that I have heard from you in the past, and I think it is high time that I truly say my geniune thoughts on this!
You have once told me that you had a bit of trouble with the fighting scenes if I am not mistaking. So, if that's still the case, I want without a shadow of a doubt help clear your doubts about your undeniable skill with them! So here I go:

Alright, let me start off with this: I was listening to Green Day in the background while reading the fighting scenes for this chapter. Anyways, when Izuku started rushing in with Tenko following behind with his long strides... the dark hood of Midoriya's uniform waving behind him... I could FEEL each and every step, and with each of them my heart beat faster. You started the charge so spectacularly, that I think a anime episode would be hard pressed to capture me just as much! Not saying anything bad about anime fights, but you did the atmosphere, the feeling and the descriptions of what was happening to almost an absurdly perfect degree! Seeing Izuku give things his all, all the while AFO gives him facts. And Tenko taking charge and relieving Izuku from the stress of using Freeze. You described Decay taking effect with frightening accuracy, which gave me a strong picture of how it all went down.

The sheer strength of every fighting scene in this chapter was off the charts my friend! Each and every time a new strategy popped up, a blast of air or derbis was thrown, a stream of blood was spilled or when a smash was made- it made my blood pump strongly. And as I listened to Green Day in the background, I witnessed something that is hard to compete with! Just ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING AWESOMNESS! Man! Never ever look down on your ability to make fighting scenes, cuz they are straight up art! Just like everything else you do is! Just AMAZING!

Fourth: Right, that being said. Can I just mention the ABSOLUTE AWESOME TENKO MOMENT AT THE END?!. Flipping Flying Rainbows man! Are you trying to make something that is far better than that of a legend? This legit was spectacular in every sense of the word! And WHAT A BOMBSHELL TO DROP DUDE! I never ever thought that this would be a thing- and I have so many questions about how it ended up in Tenko and such. But what the actual cricket club! The way you presented this, with Tenko TANKING Nomu's advances! It was STRAIGHT chills dude! All of the colors and everything- And it made the Doctor SWEAT! Wow... I don't wanna put a spoiler to what I am talking about outright, because It shocked me to the core to witness it happen! You handed this so perfectly I don't think my words would come close to giving it justice man!

What a flipping ending! Suprise and suprise. AFO's preccens making itself known through Izuku's voice. And Tenko showing up with his own ridiculous and amazing achievement! Dude, you did this absolutely Splendidly in every sense of every positive word I could possibly use to describe it!

"Good job, Tenko." I couldn't agree more, you just made him hit flipping the thousand times more awesome achievement! Bravo!

And... I of course have to mention the straight chills I got from the doctors reactions. He knew that it was nothing to fool around with, and I am sure what happened is gonna make things more challenging for him later on! A Splendid job with his reactions and actions. Just so accurate man! And Also... Heressss, Johnny! XD. Wow, guess they did really have a backup incase Kurogiri was shut down somehow.

Oh! I need to mention the use of All For One in this chapter, as in the quirk. I think it was really cool to have Izuku for the first time look for a specific quirk in a multi quirked creator. And that he failed to take what he wanted- it is a great way to show how far he has left to go to master this unbelievable quirk. A lot of growth coming up, perhaps? Looking forward to it! Also, when on things I don't wanna forget! I loved that he used Inko's quirk to drag Himiko's knife to him for a final attack. Absolutely adorable, and well thought out!

I am gonna end off with saying that, I truly appreciate all of the time, energy and dedication that you lay in for the making of this fabulous story. It is an honor to (when I can) lay witness to your well earned achievements. They're just so great, it is hard to put into words. If you ever get any hate or rude comments. Just, please, please ignore them. Your thoughts, decisions, work and just this whole thing, it is you. It comes from your heart, your mind, your experience, your friends and close ones... your inspirations and your God dang talent! It is you! And no butt hurt person who wants you to do things a specific way, should take that away from you. It is your hard earned accomplishment, your art! And it is utterly fantastic! Just continue being you, and you will go farther than you ever probably thought possible! Absolutely fantastic work my friend! Never change!

I dunno when the next review will come, but you can bet your epic skills that I am excited for the next chapter on the list! 43 here I come (at some point lmao). Take care of yourself and stay amazing! You did this amazingly!

Sincerely/ Dennis S.
3/10/2022 c27 8 th circle of darkness
wait so kaminari is dead holy shiz
3/9/2022 c44 CrowDemon
*“All For One is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural. The tragedy of All For One the great, if you will.”*, 4realz.
3/9/2022 c48 BlackChappie
Mmm strong with this one, the references are.
3/8/2022 c49 41Death Fury
Excellent chapter
3/8/2022 c44 BlackChappie
Aight that was a slick reference to Star Wars. I greatly appreciate that right there
3/7/2022 c49 Guest
This is awesome and hope to see how Izuku and Tenko will handle their special quirks that they inherited. Btw, if you're reading the canon manga, what do you think Himiko is going to say to Izuku when she dragged him through the portal? I personally think she's going to ask him if he's going to save her or will she be killed by the heroes like Jin was killed by Hawks.
3/8/2022 c26 12Gold Testament
This whole time I feel All For One might have also had a soul transference quirk to guide his successor.
3/8/2022 c49 8 th circle of darkness
pls update if u can
3/7/2022 c49 FoxFan88
It's great to see our four musketeers laughing and smiling together again and now we shall see what they'll go through now. I wonder how long they'll keep AFO a secret from Nezu and Sir Nighteye and can't wait to see how Izuku will be questioned. Himiko is going on a mission with Stain and can't wait to see how that goes. Thanks for the new chapter and can't wait to read the next one.
3/7/2022 c49 46Cottonmouth25
The heartfelt reunion was everything I wanted and more. I especially loved how you wrote Tenko here, all the piled up emotions from fighting Nomu alongside his brother on top of the revelation said brother holds inside him a piece of the same villain who tried to kill his family, not to mention the whole One For All thing. There's a lot of shit they still need to get through together, and I can't wait to see how messy it's going to be, but I'm glad that the two of them are as devoted to each other as ever. The foursome remains whole, for now.

Tenko's decided to pursue an alternative story arc regarding his past, which will inevitably lead to him meeting Gran Torino as hinted in a previous chapter, and thusly discovering more about One For All. I assume that either Sir Nighteye or the upcoming meeting with Nezu will be the place to start. Either way, this is bound to be a long and stressful journey for Tenko, and I'm here for every second of it. Absolutely love how you've written him so far, man. Definitely one of the most intriguing characters in IZ.

It never even occurred to me that the Commission would use this opportunity to make things worse for U.A. I'd completely forgotten that them and U.A. were on opposing sides in this universe. The USJ arc already has the potential to have far more extensive consequences for U.A. here than in canon, and with the Pro Hero world further shaken up by the early debut of Dabi... damn. Whereas right now I could've described this story as following the general plotline of canon, albeit extremely loosely, the stakes have escalated to the point where I'm betting the plot is going to go further off the rails in its own direction.

"Doc Dastardly" is a fantastic nickname for Garaki, definitely one I'll have to remember. Your Setsuna is as wonderful as ever, I'm delighted to see more Izutoga, and the hints you've dropped for what awaits our gang in the near future have me greatly intrigued. As always, fantastic chapter!
3/7/2022 c21 12Gold Testament
I think Izuku if they find out about All For One should set himself aside by calling himself All For Peace.
3/7/2022 c49 Vrolonpy349
The chapter as always is amazing Guzma very good chapter
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