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3/5/2022 c48 1Invictus Icarus

What an excellent chapter to come back to after a) a hiatus, and b) to start off the third act! (And, I was totally able to leave a review before your new chapter released :eridab:)

First, let me get this out of the way...


Ahhh, I was wondering if you were gonna find a way to work her in to this lovely story! And, what an excellent way to include her, I must say!- Not only does her presence help to fill the void left by Recovery Girl, but also it helps to fill in the gap that exists due to Mei's absence, whom we have not scene yet. (I know many are thinking that Mei is working for the MLA somewhere off screen- I do too- but it would be downright hilarious if she was still in UA, begging Melissa Senpai to notice her and her babies XD) Still, this makes me wonder about how David is doing, what brings her here instead of the I-Islands laboratories, and what All for One is going to do once he finds out who she really is... that is, if he plans to do anything about it in the first place.

And, speaking of Mr. Worldwide himself, your second chapter of having his presence fully fleshed out went off without a hitch! I gotta say, your interpretation of him is definitely starting to make me like the guy again (in regards to how his character in cannon is currently in the middle of a swan dive). Additionally, one thing I'd really like to praise you on is how you have managed to replicate his aura, this sense of mystery and fear around the world's most dangerous villain once more. Its... refreshing, to have the big bad of the story be shrouded in the secrecy of the unknown again, to be unaware of his true motives and his history. It properly sets up the man as some sort of Lovecraftian nightmare, one that is human enough that we lower our guard, but inhuman enough that he is just beyond the edge of our understanding... and that, more than anything else, makes him a terrifying villain to face. Well done on recreating this particular villain as he should be, my friend.

And finally, that ending is a wonderful segue for Izuku to catch up to the events that have happened since he fell unconscious. Makes me impatient for the next chapter, which... is probably going to be released here in the next few hours XD I can't wait to see how you have the IzuCrew fill in our boy on the goings-on in this world, and I especially can't wait to see him and Himiko talk a little more about his quirk.

Well done on this chapter, my friend! And welcome back :)
3/4/2022 c1 Guest
I correct myself.

I searched what hypertrophy is and it turns out; its actually a term for muscle enhancement. Which means izuku currently had two muscle enhancing quirks.

Izuku currently has:
- All for one (main quirk)
- Muscle augmentation
- Air cannon (air force)
- Kinetic boosters
- Impact recoil
- Rivets
- Smokescreen
- Larcency
- Freezeframe
- The memory viewing quirk (idk what its name and I hope you reveal it soon)
- Multilingual

As for quirks that izuku might unlock in future chapters:
- Air walk
- Hypertrophy
- Radio waves
- Infrared
- Multiplier
- Springlike limbs
- Spearlike bones
- Forcible quirk activation
- Warping
- Load up
- Reflection
- Refraction
- Impact blast (tho im not sure if its the same as impact recoil since its recently shown in the manga)
- Life force
- Lie detector
3/3/2022 c48 46Cottonmouth25
Aaaaaaaand we're back!

Sorry for the delay on this review, but I am here now and very excited to be getting back to new IZ content! Slower chapter this time around, but that's to be expected coming off the tail end of a pretty crazy arc. Izuku coming to terms with AFO's presence and just plain old interacting with the vestige was great to read, and I predict that their future discussions will be even more so going forward. Thanks to AFO, Izuku is now pretty much up to speed on everything that happened during the battle, including Kurogiri and the Quirk he took from Nomu. Did I detect a hint of protectiveness from AFO when discussing what Izuku did to Kurogiri? I've always liked the idea of AFO genuinely caring for his closest allies, but that's a dangerous bias for me to have considering how conniving the man is.

That aside, it was pretty amusing to see AFO get sidetracked when speculating about the nature of Tenko's Decay. I sincerely hope we get a scene where Izuku and AFO put their differences aside just long enough to have a long debate about Quirks. It's funny to think that even canon Izuku has this in common with AFO and now they're in a position to potentially have a full geek-out session together.

Melissa was a surprise to see, but a welcome one! I wonder what about Incident Zero could've possibly brought her out of seclusion on I Island and over to U.A.

And dude, AFO acting as a subconscious translator? I'd volunteer to be his puppet just for that. The utility!

Can't wait for next chapter, where we get to see the whole gang again! Till then, fellow author!
2/28/2022 c23 10xxxFictionFiendxxx
great chapter
2/24/2022 c10 1The Dark Sapphire
Sith lord Endeavor? A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
2/23/2022 c48 Guest
I've reread this story and after reading this new chapter, I can't wait to see how things will move forward; especially after Izuku met All For One, the MLA's new member from the Hero Commission, Twice with the Yakuza, Shoto and Dabi exposed Endeavor's past, and Stain going to attempt a prison break. It's also cool that Melissa made an appearance. Hope to read another chapter soon. Great job.
2/24/2022 c8 The Dark Sapphire
Nice sob story. Now its time for Izuku's hero arc to begin. It would be so cool if he talk no jutsu's gran torino and all the other true hero's in hiding to unite with him to save and fix Japan.
2/24/2022 c5 The Dark Sapphire
Mama Inko is the best! Also, it's nice having Tenko support Izuku. He's not a good person I don't think but he isn't evil, kinda in a Grey area. Though at this point, I think even All For One would be a better leader than the government you have created for Japan. I find subtle upheaval to be worse than out in the open evil.
2/24/2022 c5 The Dark Sapphire
So it begins.
2/23/2022 c13 danielpheonix
ch 13 made me feel to many emotions ಥಥ
2/21/2022 c48 Qstar-the-deciver
Great chapter. I love All for one's character.
2/21/2022 c48 FoxFan88
This new chapter is awesome. I like how AFO, now Shigaraki, is becoming Izuku's unwanted mentor now that he's able to communicate with him. Izuku may not want his help but I think will take advice from Shigaraki when it's time for Izuku to face certain villains; Overhaul and MLA. Can't wait to read the next one.
2/20/2022 c48 NotAPenguin01
Fun fact. Depending on the translation, did you know that this story is over half the length of the bible?

Anyhow this is exactly what I wanted from AFO and Izuku's situation going forward. AFO is now going to be the dangerous yet occasionally useful devil on Izuku's shoulder. Obviously it can go too far, but I do look forward to his commentary on Izuku's life going forward, even in smaller matters. For example I imagine Izuku hearing about some prominent politician in history class who helped establish certain laws governing heroes, and then AFO reveals that said politician was actually on the take from him. There are a lot of fun situations you can make when your protagonist has the main antagonist hanging around in his head
2/20/2022 c48 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Loving how you're working Shigaraki here. Sardonic, friendly but he has such an imposing manner you will never forget he is alert for his chance to strike, as unlikely or far off as it may be. Also he is a meme loving fuck.
2/20/2022 c41 Dennis Spiral-flame 55
Here I am again laying my sore eyes upon yet another masterful work from you! And in this review of "The second coming", I will focus on mentioning and adding to the awesomeness of your writing style!

Let's begin!

First: I have told you on a few occasions that I think you hold true to the characters. How they would act and develop when confronted with things like this story brings. And you have done so masterfully throughout all of this story. But... here's the thing. What you have done before, which was simply incredible... you BLEW that out of the water with this chapter!

Making Izuku get all of these things thrown at him. The weighing of what is right... to turn to the old ways of managing the power vacuum? Or to stand by his own ideals and find his own way to a brighter future? You threw EVERYTHING at this boy. Hit him with arguments for all the comebacks he had... be it the doctor stating how the world worked. Despite all of Izuku's struggles, his power would still end up being seen over his intentions. And, anyone would probably let go of their beliefs when confronted with so much backhanded arguments. But... you held true to Izuku's character, realistically. That is... just frankly amazing. With each hard push towards one direction, you put a equally strong push in the other. And... the results of this struggle? Well, my man, it only shows how knowledgeable you are of these characters! Phenomenal!

The fact that you had the doctor measure Izuku's true character with giving his friends room to come up with their counters... it felt as if he had so much respect for his old master, that he gave just every grain of patience to see if AFO's choice was valid to keep or not. It shows his devotion on a whole new level. It is breathtaking how accurate you're working with these characters dude! Absolutely amazing work with all of them!

Second: I have previously mentioned that I highly enjoy AFO's commentary to Izuku. And you did that incredible justice in this chapter too! It was fascinating following along as he tried to persuad Izuku with his two cents then and again during the conversation. But also to see him trying to latch on desperately as Izuku got persuaded by his friends to follow his heart. To see that smooth voice falter and struggle... it was very interesting to say the least. You worked with that perfectly, as you gradually changed things as it went on. Beautiful.

Third: Now, I have spoken loads about Izuku and The doctor. But as for the others, I think you did a marvelous job there too! It is always interesting to see Himiko lay down her views and help out Izuku. To think that someone like Toga can be so instrumental in keeping Izuku on the right path, it is great to see! Tenko giving his deepest feelings laid bare for Izuku to feel, see and use. All so that Izuku doesn't sway from the path his heart was set on. And then of course we have Setsuna! Her pride, logic and fun attitude. It helped Izuku keep his reality in check. To keep him, well, him. You created a PERFECT counter to the doctor, when it comes to how Izuku's character works.

Can't forget to mention how you handled Kurogiri either! His smooth words, his loyalty... but also his hestation. His own views conflicting with the doctor. It is just so... Kurogiri. What more should I say than that you worked with him to perfection in this chapter! (Just as you usually do, but this chapter just brought out SO much character!).

Fourth: Now, that's enough about the characters. Here's to how absolutely great you are at creating atmospheres in your writing. Specifically I want to mention the highlight in this subject. The memory from Tenko was... masterfully handled. The whole situation at the USJ simply vanished from sight as you started the scene. So much passion, emotion and dedication went into that scene that, I had my full attention on it the whole time. Heart raising as I felt what Tenko felt, his struggle and thoughts. Only to then... come in with that light in the form of Izuku. It brightened up, and me as a reader, got goosebumps all over. To see Izuku be his kind self from another's perspective so vividly. And to see how it changed them... Dude. I think you made that scene Beautiful. You literally switched to a whole new world, as we went into his memory. Just like such scenes are supposed to do! Just fantastic!

Outside of that, we see tension in the atmosphere so thickly in your writing. If characters are nervous, you can be damn sure you make it feel in the whole atmosphere of the situation. Same if they're happy, sad, conflicted etc. Just, you put emotion into the atmosphere so darn masterfully man! Splendid!

Five: The description you have for Nomu is terrifying. And that is exactly what it should be... as you go into a detailed description of its appearance, it just makes me feel as if I am one in the group watching the creator in real time. I dunno what to say, but I think you have a knack for descriptions in general. Cuz dang, I got the chills as the beast walked and moved just tiny motions. So yeah, that's also something to mention!

Six: Toga throwing herself at the Nomu after Izuku tried his best to blast it with Air Force- it was awesome! She held no fear as she worked her training into high gear, to defend her loved one. But, as we came to know quite quickly... her abilities didn't hold much contest to the Nomu. As she got knocked out (she didn't react to the wrist snap- flipping awesome for such a happy girl) Izuku's reaction was well described. Him catching her, and focusing on taking her into safety. And in doing so, at least making another of his friends also escape. I love that he isn't high enough to think he himself powerful enough to take on the enemy alone tho. (He is growing!).

Seven: To continue from there, I have to say that... That combo move between Izuku and Setsuna... it was terrific. Just such a cool execution and result of it! I don't think I have the words to describe how over the top awesome that idea for a combo move was. And how fast they worked that into a hard situation, just made you show their intelligence in a great way!

Eight: But of course the villains had a counter for the great escape! And it put Izuku in a pinch, that made all advice from AFO get dusted away as he reached forth with his true quirk (you described the power awesomely once more) to take Kurogiri's. And the reactions to it, the result... ingenious. Dunno what words to use. But it worked out so well!

The ending with Izuku and Tenko standing ready to take on impossible odds... such a epic ending that makes one come back for more. Perfect.

And just like that I am done for this one. I think you did a great job with this one too, and I very much enjoyed it! I saw you make a new chapter yesterday, and I kinda went there to read the authors note. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you in regards to your grandparents and the car crash. Hope things will move forward the best way possible. I am praying for that. But still, that you made the chapter and continue to put out this amazing content, is absolutely amazing!

I wish you all the best, and I will continue to give reviews as I keep reading up the chapters towards the current one. Keep being awesome and amazing!

Sincerely: Dennis S.
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